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    Default Road trip for early summer


    We are planning to rent a class B RV and take tour from SFO Bay area to Canyon lands We have allocated 2 to 3 weeks for this trip and currently looking at following route.

    Day 1 Drive for Bay Area to Grand Canyon National Park - South Rim
    Day 2 - 3 Grand Canyon
    Day 4 Page, AZ visit slot canyons and continue to Cortez, CO
    Day 5 Visit Mesa Verde and continue to NM
    Day 6-7 Santa Fe, NM
    Day 8 White Sands National Park
    Day 10 Carlsbad Caverns
    Day 11-12 Drive to Cannon City, CO
    Day 13 Grand Junction or may even go all the way to Moab, UT
    Day 14-15 Moab, UT
    Day 16-17 Capitol Reef National Park
    Day 17-18 Bryce Canyon
    Day 19 Las Vegas, NV
    Day 20 Back

    Is this doable? Granted there are day we will be only driving. Should change our stay (increase/decrease) at any point?

    Any suggestion would be highly appreciated.

    BTW We have done a similar coast to coast trip taking northern rout.


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    Default Whoa There, Nellie

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    San Francisco to the Grand Canyon is nearly 800 miles. That's a two day drive, not one. Otherwise, your trip should be quite enjoyable, if a bit busy. Class B motorhomes are among the most nimble of such conveyances, but you will still be slower than most cars. So while the trip is doable, I don't see where you'd have time for much more than what you've already got planned, so I'm not sure what suggestions you're looking for.


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