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    I have a business conference to attend in Minneapolis in June and I'd like to extend the holiday (and reduce my flight time back to the UK) by driving to one of the New York airports. I've driven in the US previously (did a roundtrip of Yosemite from San Jose a couple of years ago) so I think I'll be comfortable with the driving.

    What I'm after is a good morning's drive (leaving around 8am then arriving after check-in). I'd like to see some scenery along the way and a chance to spend a couple of hours walking in the afternoon would be great. I'm not keen on crowds, don't like shopping and detest cities. A quiet walk around the local park or lake would be fine.

    It doesn't need to be a major site seeing exercise but it seems a bit silly to drive all morning then spend the afternoon in a motel room :)

    So:Can anyone suggest a few places to stop off? Is it better to go south around the lakes or north?

    Airport:At the moment I have no idea which airport to use at New York. Ideally I want one with easy car access, relatively few queues (heheheh) and not too unpleasant a departure lounge (lol).

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    Default morning drive

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    What I'm after is a good morning's drive (leaving around 8am then arriving after check-in).
    Perhaps I really missing something here, but are you proposing to drive from Minneapolis to New York City in half a day? This is a 1,200 mile trip that takes 2 full days, certainly not something you can do in a "a good morning's drive".

    Could you clarify if this is your plan or if you had something else in mind? If you only want to drive for half a day, you might look at Chicago, which is about a 6-7 hour drive and could be done along the timeframe that you are talking about.

  3. Default, lol!

    The half a day's driving refers to half a day each day. I'm expecting the trip to take a week give or take.
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