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    Default Southwest Fall Trip: Vegas, Grand Canyon, +

    We're planning a road trip (2 of us) and we have the following itinerary in mind over the course of 10 days. Our plan is to go near the end of September.

    Day 1: Arrive in Las Vegas at night
    Day 2: Drive to Grand Canyon (stopping at Hoover Dam on the way)
    Day 3: Grand Canyon
    Day 4: Drive from Grand Canyon to Lake Powell/Page
    Day 5: Lake Powell/Page (hoping to see Antelope Canyon, maybe enjoy sometime on the lake, horseshoe bend)
    Day 6: Drive from Lake Powell/Page to Bryce
    Day 7: Bryce
    Day 8: Zion
    Day 9: Las Vegas
    Day 10: Fly home

    Any Opinions? My boyfriend thinks this is too much driving, is he being lazy or will we be rushed? Do you think we need an extra day in the Lake Powell/Page area? We would definitely appreciate any tips you road trip veterans are willing to offer!

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    Default Looks pretty good

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I think your trip looks ok, as long as you don't mind a trip where you will be doing a lot of moving. If you are looking for a more relaxing and/or lazy experience (not necessarily a bad thing while on vacation), you might look at cutting back a stop or two, or adding some extra time.

    UKCraig gave a very nice list of ideas from many of these attractions that you might want to check out.

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    Honestly, if it were me I would skip Lake Powell/Page in order to spend more time at Grand Canyon, Bryce and Zion. These 3 are incredible places and I think you would get more enjoyment out of mazimizing your time there rather than spending a lot of time driving form place to place. If you like hiking I would highly recommend doing "the Narrows" hike at Zion, but it is a 12 mile full day affair.

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    Thanks for your feedback, we've decided to cut out Lake Powell/Page and are planning on the following itinerary.

    Day 1: Arrive in Las Vegas at night
    Day 2: Drive to Grand Canyon (stopping at Hoover Dam on the way)
    Day 3: Grand Canyon
    Day 4: Grand Canyon
    Day 5: Drive from grand Canyon to Bryce
    Day 6: Bryce
    Day 7: Zion
    Day 8: Zion
    Day 9: Drive to Las Vegas
    Day 10: Fly home

    Anymore tips you guys have to offer would be great!

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    Default It looks good to me!

    Your drives are do-able. You will have time to explore the national parks you're visiting. If you're fine with so little time in Vegas, I think you will have a great trip.

    It sounds like you're planning on doing some hiking while there. Do you need any help with planning your activities within the parks? With routes? With lodging?

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    three of the nicest places i've ever seen!
    in bryce if you are going down the canyon as far as rainbow and yovimpa points,go directly to the end and visit the other viewpoints on the way back up,this way they will all be on the side of the road your travelling.
    from bryce to zion try and give yourself an extra couple of hours travelling time as you have red rock canyon,checkaboard messa and there is the canyon overlook trial, which is an hour long round walk to an overlook of zion canyon and pine creek,which is just before the tunnel entrance.
    have a great trip!

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