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    Hi, my cousin and I both 21 year old women and are hopeing to drive from Philadelphia to San Diego. We were thinking of 4-5 days driving out and we are going to stay in San Diego for 5-6 weeks and then drive home which will also be 4-5 days. We want to stop and see some things but are more excited to be on the west coast for a month then any historical sites. Our biggest problem right now is getting people to see it is the only chance we will have to really do this before actual everyday work starts. I know we can do it and we really want to but is it safe for us to do? What is the safest way to do this road trip?

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    Default Yes, it's safe!

    Welcome to the Roadtrip America forums!

    Here are some of the discussions here at these forums about solo travel, focusing on women traveling solo. If it's safe to do solo, it's safe to do with the two of you.
    Jillian's Solo trip:
    Judy's Recommendations:
    BirdyBird & Solo link:
    Solo roadtrips and camping
    BirdyBird's Post trip report:

    A read through those discussions will give you some tips about how to do it safely. Have your doubting friends/family read them, too, to help appease them.

    4-5 days each way means that you're really doing a speed run. You might check out these tips for doing speed runs safely. If you want time to explore along the way, you will really need to add some days to your x-country trek.

    There are some amazing sights between Philly & San Diego that aren't historical but fabulous natural wonders. Grand Canyon, for example. If you decide you want to enjoy some of these places, let us know and we can provide you some tips.

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    Thank you for the tips Judy, we really have no idea how to plan this so anything does help. We were definitely thinking of making the grand canyon one of the places we get a hotel for the night, but didnt really know of anything else that is really great to see. Any information on the best way to get out there or even what to bring would help. Thanks Again!!

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    Default Perhaps, Take a Little Longer Coming and Going

    You might find that the journey there can be as much fun as being there. Maybe add some days to the drive and see some stuff.

    Try getting off the interstate and driving the two lane roads and checking out some of the sights and small towns.

    If you're taking I-44 and/r I-40, you'll be right by Route 66, the Mother Road. Definitely worth a ride.

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