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    Default You'll love this

    This is quite amusing...

    Jaidjen, very kindly (thanks!), put a 'hold' request in on that cabin when she spotted it was available. In the meantime I had lost patience and made the 'walk-on' reservation mentioned yesterday. I emailed the ticket centre and asked if the two could be combined and I will pay the difference. I'm still waiting to hear back but, this morning, I received the following message relating to my original reservation request:

    Itinerary CONFIRMED.

    Please contact us to make payment by April 14, 4:30PM Alaska time at 800-382-9229

    Thank you for using Alaska Ferry Adventures!

    I will try to waitlist your cabin and let you know when that happens. Sorry this took so long, but toooooo many people got involved. Any questions to me attention: LOIS
    So, in the space of 24 hours, I seem to have made three reservations!! :o

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    Default Three? THREE?

    Good luck on getting a refund on the two extra! With your luck, they'll have your renting out the whole dang ferry by the time this is over!

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    Default I hold all the cards

    It's okay, I've paid in full for the reservation that I made (well, the credit card has) but the other two reservations are just that. No money has changed hands... thankfully! :)

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    Default Well, there goes MY big plan

    So I guess I can't swing a freebie trip for myself out of ya, eh? ;)

    So, I'm confused. Did you pay for and get a cabin or what?

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    Default Not just yet

    They are, I belive, trying to do the paperwork to make it happen... fingers crossed but, whatever, I'm looking forward to the trip!

  6. Default sorry

    Sorry things got so confusing...hopefully things will work out.
    Let me know what happens :)

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    Default No problems!

    Seriously, no problems at all, I appreciate your intervention!

    I have spoken with the ferry company and they are in the process of merging the two reservations. Once they've done so I'll settle the balance, contact them to cancel the third reservation (!!!) and then settle back and look forward to enjoying my cabin!

    Cheers everyone

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    How did your Alaska trip go UKCraig? My good buddy and I are heading up to Alaska from Arizona this summer, staying through the fall and flying to Hawaii in the winter. We will also be hitting up a lot of National Parks along the way. Sounds familiar to your trip. I would like to hear how it went! and if you have any advice...

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    Default Lots of Alaska Road trips here

    UKCraig is otherwise disposed, and has not been on the forum for some time. However, if you want to check out road trips to Alaska, the search function will lead you to quite a few. To start with you might be interested in checking out this thread.

    Lifey has great memories of Alaska

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