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    Default "American Tourist Traps As Inhumane"

    A great way to start your work day:

    Peter Thody sent me a link to this article:
    United Nations Condemns American Tourist Traps As Inhumane It is extemely well-done and pretty funny. Enjoy!


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    Default Made me laugh

    Nice link, thanks for that!

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    Default Satire at its best!

    I love The Onion! I've had people email me other articles and, if I forget to check that it's from The Onion, I've thought they're true. Oy veh! That is satire at it's best...when it's so well done you don't realize it's satire.

    Or, if you think the idea has merit, than I obviously don't have any dignity in the first place. I love me a good TTT. ;)

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    Default A Classic

    The Onion is still a great paper, but that 1997 article is still from the Classic era when it was still rooted in its original home of Madison, before it decided in 2001 that it was too cool for the midwest and needed a fancy Manhatten office.

    I'm still waiting to get my hands on the official Onion Atlas: Our Dumb World which reminds us that America was "founded on the principals of life, liberty, and the persuit of happiness at any cost - even life and liberty."

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