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    i can only imagine the emotions you are experiencing as the time nears for you to depart.incase i don't get chance before you leave i will take this opportunity now to say have a safe and wonderfull adventure,i'm sure you can't wait.
    i'm really looking forward to checking in on your tales and following your trip reports.
    bon voyage and good luck!! dave

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    Default The North American Portion

    Here is a way to read Craig's ongoing field reports in a more-or-less sequential format. We have added navigation links to all of his posts so that by clicking on any of the following links you will be able to read forward through all of the posts. Craig spent about three months exploring parts of North America. Here are links to those reports:

    Nova Scotia, PEI and the Maritimes (May, 2008)
    Toronto, Gaspe Peninsular & Quebec (May, 2008)
    Alberta, British Columbia and the Canadian Rockies (June, 2008)
    Seattle, Olympic National Park, Crater Lake, Lassen National Park (June, 2008)
    San Francisco, Yosemite, Bodie, Death Valley, Sequoia and Kings Canyon (June, 2008)
    US-50 to Great Basin NP, Tetons NP, Yellowstone NP, (June, 2008)
    Alaska: Anchorage, Denali, Artic Circle, Juneau, Prince William Sound, Yukon (July, 2008)
    Las Vegas to Bryce, Cedar Breaks, Zion, Pacific Coast and Los Angeles (August, 2008)

    From here he flew to Hawaii and thence to the southern hemisphere...and beyond.
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    Default Thanks

    Thanks for posting up that list of links, Mark. It's been quite a ride! Four months down and I'm now past half-way... :s

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    Default You're welcome

    They make a pretty lively commentary.

    Hope the rest of the trip is equally adventurous!


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