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    Default denver to las vegas

    My husband and I are flying to Denver and are intending to drive to las vegas over 19 nights. We wish to visit Yellowstone National Park, Mount Rushmore, Jacksons Hole and all the other usual sights.

    Can you suggest any routes or places of interest we need to visit, your help would be much appreciated.

    Regards Cazza

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    Default More to Do and Time to Do it

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Two and a half weeks is more than enough time to wander slowly around the Rocky Mountain West while slowly making your way (however circuitously) from Denver to Las Vegas. On your way north out of Denver, stop and enjoy Boulder and Rocky Mountain National Park. Then as you approach the Rapid City area from the south, visit Wind Cave National Park, and, of course, make the trip east to the Badlands. On your way west through Wyoming and Montana, two very worthwhile stops are Devils Tower and Little Bighorn Battlefield.

    Heading south out of Yellowstone, US-89 down through Wyoming and Utah offers a number of scenic locations, and then I-15 down to Las Vegas will take you right by Bryce Canyon and Zion and National Parks. Now many of the places I've suggested may be what you consider the "other usual sights", but hopefully, there's something there that you otherwise would have missed.


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    Default Rapid City to Yelowstone Park

    Can you recommend a place we can stop off at to break our journey from Rapid City to Yellowstone Park. We were looking at Buffalo and wondered what is there to do and see there.


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    Default Yellowstone National Park

    We are going to Yellowstone Park for 3 nights during our trip to America. Can you advise which area is the best place to stay for visiting the park. We have been looking at either Gardiner or West Yellowstone entrance.
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    Default My Pick

    I haven't stayed in Gardiner, but have in Livingston, MT and West Yellowstone, ID. My preference is West Yellowstone. While Gardiner certainly has as many options, I liked the funky feel of West Yellowstone. It's slightly more out of the way - you wouldn't pick it if you were just doing 'Yellowstone from the Interstate' - and it offers a bit better access to the west and south of the park.


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