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  1. Default Summer Road Trip 08...HELP!!!

    Wow, United States here we come!! I want to leave in July for 4 weeks with my girlfriend. Cant wait.. Where do I start planning something like this? How far ahead do I have to make reservations for the camping sites in the National Parks? Anybody have any idea how much the gas will be from New York to California, via southern end going out and northern end coming back.. I have a Ford Explorer, yuk, or should I take my daughters Ford Focus, less room.. Any other ideas, please pass along, would love all the advice we can get.. I am so excited about this trip, bought myself a big map, hung it on the wall and flagging all my stops..
    Thanks for the tips...

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    Default The big map plan

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I'm a big fan of the putting up a big map on the wall and start marking places you want to see method. It really is a great way to get a feel for where everything is, and to just build ideas.

    As far as figuring your gas costs, you can check out the fuel cost calculator on the left side of your screen. As far as what car to take, that's going to depend on your budget and your comfort level. The explorer will probably cost about an extra $1000 in gas to drive on a cross country loop, but if you have a lot of gear or you are simply more comfortable driving the SUV, that cost could be worth it to you.

    Camping at National Parks doesn't always require a reservation, although at couple of the most popular ones, like the Grand Canyon or Yosemite, its certainly worth considering the options. Many times, even if the NPS service campgrounds are full, there are other options, like private campgrounds or national forest service campgrounds.

    Otherwise, I would simply recommend taking a look around this site. There is a ton of information on the forum and in the articles from the planning section that can help you get a footing as you start to plan this trip!

  3. Default Thanks for your reply

    That is exactly what I have so far.. A big map for my wall and I am flagging the points of interest.. I need to start looking into the different camping sites that are offered along my route. Isnt there a park pass that you pay One Price Gets YOu into all the National Parks? Do you think 4 weeks is a good amount of time, and yes the Explorer would be the way to go.. Thanks again..

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    Default as much as you've got

    There is a National Parks Pass that costs $80 and will cover the admission fee to any national park. It does not however cover the cost of campgrounds or other extra fees.

    If 4 weeks is the time you have, then its a good amount of time. I will say that it might be less time than you think it is, however. This is a big country, and it takes almost a week at a good clip to drive from one end to the other, so while a month is a long time, you might not get to explore as much as you'd like.

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