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  1. Default 1st Roadtrip - West Coast... NEED ADVICE!!

    Hi, need some help please...!

    In the early stages of planning a roadtrip in America, any help/advice will be much appreciated.

    The basics:

    7/8 days in July, Flyin to San Fran & Flyout from Las Vegas
    7 twentysomething guys
    Want to hire an RV to travel & stay in from SF & drop off LV

    Is this trip ok for 7days?
    Places we'd like to go: SF, Califonia -Long Beach, L.A, Grand Canyon & Vegas
    Can you recommend a route?
    What are RV's like? never used one before, will it be ok for 7guys? are there any restrictions for parking etc?

    Help will be much appreciated!!

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    Default A bit much

    Welcome to the RTA forum!

    It seems like you might be overstacking things a bit. You've listed 5 places you want to see in 7 days, and the trip would require somewhere in the neighborhood of 1200 miles.

    A day in SF, 2 days driving down the coast, one day in the LA area, one day to drive to GC, one day at GC, and you've already used up 6 days and you still have a good half day drive back to Vegas.

    Driving an RV is not going to be exactly like driving a car either, you'll be going a lot slower, especially on roads like the coast highway. Since you are going to need a very large RV to handle 7 people, its also going to be a little challenging navigating through major cities, which could be a big challenge to see much in LA, especially on your timeframe.

    There are a lot more resources here to help you out. We've got a whole topic about RVs and RV rentals in our Planning section, and on the forum there are hundreds of threads discussing the trip from SF to Vegas.

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    Default Too much to do; too little time

    You will really need to add time or limit your destinations. Even if you rented a 7-passenger van that would ride almost like a car, and therefore let you travel these miles faster than in an RV, it's still going to be a tight squeeze to do all this in 7 days.

    Here's a post that compiles many of the best discussions about routes and must-see things to see in the areas you want to travel.

    If you can't add more days, I might suggest that you either limit yourself to San Francisco-Pacific Coast-Los Angeles or Vegas-Grand Canyon. If you choose the Vegas trip, you could do a really cool circle drive from Vegas to the Grand Canyon, then Bryce, then Zion, and back to Vegas. Just a suggestion.

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    Default Agreed with everyone else

    As an experienced "speed run" roadtripper, I can tell you that it is possible to do this trip...if you only want to spend 4-8 hours at each of your destinations. Otherwise yeahhhhh no. Listen to Michael and Judy.

    If you actually want to spend a full day or two at each location, you're gonna need 10 days before you're in a comfortable position.

    I don't know what exactly you want to see in San Fran. There's just so much. You'll need 2 full days to get in the highlights. And traffic SUCKS at all times (except for Sunday morning) so don't bother trying to drive around in an RV. I would rent a large SUV for the time you'll be in SF, and leave the RV for after you're ready to leave.

    From there I would highly recommend taking Cabrillo Highway (Hwy 1) down the coast, although be prepared to deal with impatient and frustrated drivers behind you if you're chugging along in a huge RV. Some will even try to pass you on double yellow lines. (I've seen it happen. And no I'm not crazy enough to do that myself.) It will take you probably 12 hours in an RV to get from SF to LA if you take this route. (In other words, an extra travel day. I'd break it up and stop over in Cambria/San Simeon).

    If you're more worried about time, take the 101 all the way down. That should only be 8-9 hours, RV time.

    There's not much in my birthtown of Long Beach except for the Queen Mary and the adjacent aquarium. You only need half a day for those two things. I've never been out and about in LA but the night life is supposed to be hoppin'. Santa Monica pier is pretty cool as well as CityWalk in Studio City. So yeah, take a full day or two in this area.

    From there, hop on the I-15 north to Barstow and then to I-40 east which will take you to Flagstaff. Before you get there, you'll reach Hwy 64 in Williams, AZ. This will shoot you straight up to Grand Canyon. This entire leg will probably cost you 10-12 hours, RV time. There are RV parks littered all along I-40 so there's no shortage of places to camp out if you know where you're going.

    I got the jist of Grand Canyon in about 3 hours during my first speed run. That's only if you want to take pictures at each of the major points. You may actually want to do some hiking, horse/mule riding or whatever. Yeah, stay a day or two for that.

    From here, go back the way you came until you hit Hwy 93 in Kingman, AZ. This will shoot you up to Vegas. From there, do what you can until your departing flight. This should be a good 7-8 hours (RV time).

    Hahaha I foamed at the mouth a little bit there. Like I said, if you can somehow squeeze an extra 2-3 days, then go for it. If you have to cut corners, diminish your time in San Fran, Long Beach, and Grand Canyon.

    Oh, and don't get on each other's nerves. I've done that song and dance before. :)

  5. Default Thanks!

    Fantastic advice from all!!
    We will definatley reconsider a few things I think!
    Only want to see few things in SF, a day at the beach in Cali & few things in L.A, 1/2 day GC take some pics and stuff, and then ideally 1-2 days in Vegas.
    I will do some more research now to see how best to plan and fit in the best bits...!


  6. Default San Fran to Las Vegas - 7 day road trip...NEED ADVICE

    Hi guys, after some thought and considerations, we are looking to do a 7 day road trip from San Fran to Vegas and any advice or tips would be much appreciated.

    We are looking to start in San Fran then onto Vegas, Grand Canyon then onto L.A and fly back to London from L.A.

    8 twentysomething guys, main points of interest lively places, bars, night life etc. not looking to do hiking etc.

    Thinkin to hire R.V.

    Do you think this route is ok for 7 day trip?

    Any suggestions?
    Any alternative routes/locations that you think we may prefer or enjoy more?



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    Default more?

    We've already given you a number of suggestions as well as told you how to find the hundreds of threads and ideas that are already available on this forum and website.

    Unless you've got some specific questions or suggestions, I'm not sure what more you'd like us to tell you.

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