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  1. Default Olds, AB to San Francisco, CA and back!

    Hey, first time poster and looking forward to some great advice!

    Me and my partner are planning on taking a road trip from Olds, AB to San Francisco, CA and back again taking the following route:

    Olds, AB - Vancouver, BC - Portland, OR - San Francisco, CA - Reno, NV - Salt Lake City, UT - Butte, MT - Olds, AB

    If anyone has done anything similar or can provide info on where to go visit or stay that would be great. We would be looking to complete the trip in about 10 days, according to MapQuest the total number of hours would be approximately 52.

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    And besides, I'm pretty sure that this is our first post ever with Olds, AB as a starting point. You can do the trip you have planned in 10 days, but that would leave precious little time in San Francisco, maybe two days or so. The problem with the estimates of travel time that you get from software is that they only apply in the 'virtual' world where there is never any traffic, you never need to eat, your car never needs gas, you never need a rest break, and you can just go 70-75 mph hour after hour after hour. Here in the real world, 55 mph actually made good when all those factors are taken into account is more like it and a 550 mile day is probably a good rule of thumb for extended drives such as you are contemplating.

    The trip down through Vancouver and Portland is going to take a minimum of three days, assuming you don't really stray to far from the main highway or spend virtually any time seeing any of the great attractions of the Pacific Northwest

    Your return trip is, again, going to take a minimum of three days. You'll really need to add a fourth day to see some of the sights. Besides the Salt Lake City area, a good place to poke around would be Virginia City (1, 2, 3, 4, 5). Then, if you can find a little extra time in your tight schedule, think about using US-89 from SLC north through Wyoming to Montana rather than I-15 through Idaho.


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