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  1. Default Senior Trip Ideas Please!

    I'm trying to plan a super senior trip (for after Graduation, like May or June) and I need some ideas. I have to pay for it all, so I need someplace that is nice, but not too much money.
    We want to stay in the country, and will be leaving from SE Michigan. Any ideas??

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    Default need a little more

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    We could start throwing out places, but I think the answer you'd get would be much more helpful if you tell us a little more about your trip.

    How many people will be going? How much time do you have? About how much money will you have to work with? What sorts of places are you interested in?

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    The min. amount of people is just two, however, one girl may be coming (so potentially 3). I'm thinking the trip should be about a week and a half or so, depending on how far out we go.
    As far as money goes, my (upcoming!) job should get me about 900 dollars if I work the hours I want. I also have bond money from my grandmother which is untouched and some of it is fully matured.
    I'm thinking out East would be nice (not too far, not too close).

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    Default $$$

    Are you really the only person who will be paying for this trip? Your companions won't be paying for any of it? As generous as that sounds, that really is not a great way to get your trip off on the right foot. If you are paying for everything, are you going to get to make all of the decision? Are your friends going to be happy if they are just coming along for the ride on your trip? I would certainly start by taking the roadtrip compatibility quiz to make sure everyone is on the same page.

    You've indicated the east coast, but you still really haven't given us a feel for what sorts of things you want to do on this trip. Have you also thought about how you are going to eat and sleep on this trip? That will play a big roll in how far your money can take you.

    Considering what you've said so far, your range of possibilities runs from Maine to Georgia. You might simply get out a map and start looking for things that catch your eye. May it will be New England, Maybe the Carolina Coast will interest you, Perhaps the Blue Ridge Mountains will be your thing, or maybe it will be some interesting cities like Boston, NY, Washington, or Atlanta.

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    Default Great advice, Michael

    It's worth taking!

    I also suggest you figure out how far your money will go. Gas will be a major expense, as will lodging and food. And then you will want to set aside some bucks for some fun stuff. These hints on budgeting and estimating your costs should be a helpful place to start. Don't worry. Budgeting doesn't mean that you can't spend money on fun stuff. It just means that you'll have enough money to get home on!

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    Default Snag

    Quote Originally Posted by dancer08 View Post
    I have to pay for it all, so I need someplace that is nice, but not too much money.
    I agree with Michael about the budgeting for this trip.

    This statement sounds to me like you are in a bit of a pickle. Sure you want to have a great road trip, but if you are funding everything for all parties involved, then you might be heading into some trouble. If you've only got $900 for three people for 10 days, your budget will be seriously stretched. I would try and see if the other people involved could help out in some way financially. Otherwise, your fun trip could just become an insufferable burden.

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    oh wow, so i def. forgot to say that they will each be paying their own way! ahaha sorry.

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    Default Cape Cod

    hey dancer, I dont know how far east you wanna go, but I'd highly recommend Cape Cod in Massachusetts. If you're headed that way. Admitedly, I'm a little bias because I live in Mass, but the beaches are gorgeous, theres the nice ocean breeze and the food is excellent all around Cape Cod. It's a really cool place to go. If your looking for a lot of fun with your friends check out Boston. You might wanna check out the TD Banknorth Garden in Boston to see if they have any concerts or shows you can go to. Definitely a ton of fun. I hope I helped.

    - BostonChris

  9. Default Senior Trip

    OK i really need some help with this one. I need some ideas for a trip for a group of about 16 people. We are all 18 yrs old. We looked at Outer Banks but all of the houses you needed to be 21 or 24 to rent. We want to go on this trip for a week. We would like to stay around $3000. ANy suggestions?

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