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  1. Default trying to plan a roadtrip-help!!!

    hey! my brother and 2 mates are flying out to meet in the us me (im in florida at the mo) and we hope to road trip around the west of america but im not really sure how to go about planning the whole thing and where to stop at etc...

    i know i wana see the grand canyon, san francisco, death valley, LA, las vegas, maybe phoenix and if we could possibly squeeze in colorado that would be fab

    i plan to fly from florida to meet my crew somewhere in the west but where would it be best to start our little roadtripping adventure? and what order should we visit each place? do you think we could possibly visit this all in four weeks?

    any help ya could give me on this would be much appreciated!thanks,

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    Default Go where its cheap

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    4 weeks would certainly give you enough time to see a lot of what you've listed.

    Since you are covering a large area, I don't really see why it would matter exactly where you start. I would simply see where you could get the best flight and rental car prices, be it San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, or Las Vegas.

    Otherwise, these places are discussed extensively on other threads in the forum. I'd just take a look around, perhaps starting with the links found in this thread, and find ideas to build your trip around.

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    Default Kickstart your planning

    Check out How to Plan a Great Roadtrip. These tips should give you ideas on how to even start the planning process. Once you narrow a few of these things down, you'll be well on your way to knowing how to plan a great trip.

    And ask more questions! Happy planning!

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