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  1. Default roadtrip across america in may from Canada

    My Girl and I are thinking in taking a 2 week + trip across the states to Cali and back this May. Money will be tight. My first time out of my province of Newfoundland in Canada was last year we drove through Canada down through Maine, NH, Mass, Upstate New York and back through Canada. And had a great time just taking in the sights and spending little money.

    Our main goal is to get to Vegas for a few days, take in some sights in Cali and of course whatever else we can time wise along the way.

    Think this is doable for 3 grand or so , eatting cheap , cheap motels, sleeping in the truck at walmarts etc.

    realistic goal.

    We were gonna spend $1500 each on a trip to vegas by air, but would love to do it this way and see more of America

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    Default time more than money

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Honestly, I think your $3000 budget should be more than doable for a 2 week trip. I really don't even think that its fair to say that money will be tight with that budget, you should have plenty of room to spare, even with moderate expenses. (unless you are planning to lose 1/2 of that at the craps table!)

    Really, I think the bigger issue would be with your time. 2 weeks really won't be that much when you factor in the time it will take to make this trip. I'd be figuring at least 5-6 days each way, which after a couple days in Vegas, doesn't leave much time leftover.

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    maybe 2.5-3 weeks then

    Im finishing up school at that time so ill be fine, the gf is gonna request time off, we will prob get married in vegas :)

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    Default Congrats on the upcoming nuptials!

    Are you going to go with the Elvis theme? :)

    Here are some tips on eating cheap. There's a link at the top of that post to take you to some budgeting tips. That's the type of trip where I would be frugal during some parts of the trip so I could splurge in Vegas and maybe a few cool finds along the way and back again.

    Three weeks is much better. I think even 2-1/2 would be a bit tight, but better than just 2.

    If you want some help with route-planning or anything else, please let us know.

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    it looks like now we will have a total of 19 days off maybe 20 , so with 5-6 days of travel each way that leaves a full week of sightseeing and adventure :)

    we are mainly interested in route 66 , Vegas, Grand canyon, San Fran, LA, and the obvious sites along the way.

    i'm thinking route 66 down and another route back.
    It will be fun planning over the next few months

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    Default 66

    19 or 20 days will give you a lot more flexability than just 2 weeks, so that sounds good.

    You might want to check out RoadDog's Route 66 Field Report as well as the Route 66 section of the RTA Planning area.

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    so what about the east coast? interesting sites from maine onward to route 66?
    shoudl i come back through NY to catch a glimpse of NY city

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