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    Time not an issue. Expect to begin camping trip some time in May. Would like to follow the blue (but safe) roads--1st real stop (few days?) Albequerque. I'd like to drive 3 maybe 4 hours tops per day. I have a people to visit in Colorado and Reno. I'd like to see San Francisco, go up the Oregon and Washington Coasts, Montana, Idaho and back east. Whether I take the northern route or the southern route will depend on weather--probably sometime in the fall.

    I plan to get an AAA map, but any special advice would be appreciated. Thank you, in advance.

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    Default We are always a bit jealous of "time is not an issue" travelers LOL

    Welcome to the Roadtrip America forums!

    I'm not really sure what advise you need? Do you need help with routes, things to see along the way, overnight accomodations?

    I guess I would suggest poking around the threads to see if any jump out at you. The top green bar on this page also has a terrific "roadtrip planning" section that has lots of helpful hints.

    If you're a AAA member, you can get free guidebooks about what's on the road and places to stay. If you want to camp, be sure to request their separate camping guides. And you can get maps for each state or group of states. Make sure you avail yourself of all the freebies they provide.

    It sounds like you're going to be traveling from May until sometime in the fall. Is that correct? I would imagine a longer trip like that means you will want to keep some costs down. Camping is a great way to do that. You can also Eat Out of Your Cooler for many meals. For me, budgeting would be my biggest issue so this post might be helpful, too.

    With that long of a time to travel, all the places you've listed are well within reason to visit and explore. You might want to have a lot of flexibility in your plan to explore some serendipitous discovery and just meander a bit. Or even plant yourself in one place for a few days or longer if you really love it there.

    Let us know exactly how we can help you further. Enjoy!

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    Thanks, Judy. I guess I was just looking for general info. I have made the trip, before, but having less time meant more Interstates. I'd like to try to do the scenic route between here and New Mexico/Colorado. Once out there, there's nothing but scenery. I had already intended to get the AAA material. I just thought someone might have additional thoughts. I'll be camping.

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    Default Montana hideaways


    A great area to visit is the Pioneer Range and Big Hole Valley in SW Montana. You can either drop down from I-90, east of Missoula, on MT 1, through Philipsburg and Anaconda, to Wise River, thence south on the Pioneer Range Scenic Parkway, or to Wisdom and Jackson via MT 43 and 278. Either way, you can see the Big Hole National Battlefield, where the US Cavalry first overtook Chief Joseph and the Nez Perce', the Jackson Hot Springs, Bannack--Montana's first capital, Lemhi Pass--where Lewis and Clark first crossed the Divide, and a whole host of other very cool and very out of the way sights. It's also very nice to drop down Rock Creek Road, a stretch of about 45 miles of mostly gravel road transiting the Rock Creek Canyon, from I-90 just east of Missoula, thence connecting with MT 1 at Philipsburg. There are many NF campgrounds along both Rock Creek Rd and the Pioneer Mts Scenic Parkway (which is paved, by the way).

    If you do venture along the Pioneer Parkway, jump over to the Big Hole at Jackson, at least. It's only around 10 miles west up MT 278 from Polaris, where the Parkway ends, and you'd just HATE to miss the early Fall view of "The Land of 10,000 Haystacks". It's incredible.

    Have a great ride.


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    Thanks, Foy. Good tips. Put in my planning file. In case you get up to Montana, take the dirt road up to Polebridge (road runs parallel to Glacier on the west side).


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    so i'll be making a similar trip. we're leaving from va going down to atl - to birmingham, al then out to L.A. I don't want to be taking JUST interstates either. :-D i'm excited. If you find something that pops out.. let me know too!

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    Default Oregon & Washington coast lines.

    Coming up from California on Hwy101 into Oregon, just continue on clear into Washington. This drive is beautiful with just enough mix of open road and small towns. Local food favorites are fried razor clams, ask around to find a restaurant that is currently serving them. (They're seasonal so you can't always get them.) Also try fresh dungeness (dun-gun-es) crab at any of the bay towns. Lastly, if fresh salmon is available please try it. We're spoiled here on the west coast with our fresh salmon. You'll see numerous roadside shops advertising smoked salmon, oysters, clams, etc.

    When you hit Astoria in northern Oregon and cross over the Columbia River (HUGE bridge) into Washington, take a left at the tee to visit Longbeach, WA. It's on a peninsula so it would be easy to bypass it if you're just looking at a map.
    For a little more local flavor, keep driving north up the peninsula past all the cranberry bogs to Oysterville, WA. It's not even really a town now but the Oysterville Sea Farms still operates and you can buy fresh oysters on the spot. (I dare you to try the "Habanero Hots", our family's favorite smoked oyster).

    Have fun!

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