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    I hope this doesn't count as a repost or bad forum behavior, since I've just posted an analog (not gear-oriented, though) post on the Summer Roadtrips thread.

    Me and my girlfriend are planning a Coast to Coast roadtrip through US 50 this July, what gear would you suggest? Both of us have notebook computers (a macbook and a macbookpro) and I have a prosumer video camera (Panasonic DVX-100b) - is it safe (or even reasonable) to take those? How accessible is wireless internet?

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    Regardless of which highway you'll be driving, what-to-take is a personal choice, and the best anyone can do is point you to some places where RoadTrip equipment is discussed, such as this wide ranging thread and this compendium. Mark is more into working remotely from the road and you should also read through some of his articles listed here under Dashboarding. Certainly your equipment will be as safe as anything else in your car. Just keep it out of sight, preferably in the trunk (boot), if you're going to be away from it for a while. The usual recommendation for 'free' WiFi access is to go to Starbuck's or other internet cafe locations, but the best place my wife and I have found when we're out and about is the local library. Almost all will let you have an hour or two on their computers for free and most now have WiFi, so just bring your own laptop (and find a bench outside if it's nice).


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    Quote Originally Posted by jonig4 View Post
    How accessible is wireless internet?
    Here is an article that begins to address that issue!


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