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  1. Default Coast to Coast through US 50

    Hi there,
    me and my girlfriend have been discussing taking a road trip in the US this July. Since we're located on Brazil (I'm brazillian, she's brazillian/italian), information regarding our travel isn't exactly easy to find.

    Earlier this afternoon, quasi randomly searching wikipedia for information on the subject, I "discovered" the US-50. (: Since her parents live in DC, we figured that would be a great choice, plus it's got all the AWESOME places and backroads, etc.

    I've been gathering what I found on pretty much two non-extensive sources (wikipedia's articles and this website) and obviously it's not near enough. Can you please give me both useful information regarding this trip and sources (books, websites, etc) for such information? We need to know the basics: pros and cons, average expenses, best affordable car rental options (companies and models).


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    Default I know just the thread

    I am planning on travelling part of US50 this summer and I'm really looking forward to it. You really have to read this thread by Paolo99. It will give you a real insight into travelling the route. I am sure, after you've read it, you'll be online booking flights and a car!

    You may also wish to check out Greetings From The Lincoln Highway as the Lincoln Highway shares alignment with US50 from Ely to San Francisco (although it now terminates at Sacramento)

    Hope this helps.

  3. Default planning expenses

    I'm trying to set up an estimate of what would be the total cost of the roadtrip. Part of it is not hard to come by (fuel, car rental), but I'm clueless about how to calculate less precise expenses: meals, motels/hotels, etc. I can imagine how different trips have different costs, but can any of you give me something like an average daily cost?


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    Default The numbers I use

    Quote Originally Posted by jonig4 View Post
    but can any of you give me something like an average daily cost?.
    I use $100 per day (per person). Some of our more frugal members probably get it done for about $65 per day -- but it really comes down to how much you drive in a day and where you stay overnight. When I am on assignment and need good, reliable high-speed Internet connections, and other business travel services -- I usually budget ~$250 per day for lodging, food, fuel and expenses.

    A good way to estimate your costs is outlined here. You may need to update the costs of fuel -- but the procedure is sound.


  5. Default I tend to go a little higher..

    I tend to budget around $150 for a not-extremely-frugal trip for 2 people per day at a reasonable speed.

    That breaks down as..

    - Hotel ~ $80/ night (You can do less, or you can spend more, but I also include about 10% pad on the hotel rates, for local taxes and the like)
    - Food ~ $30/ day (Assuming a light continental breakfast-- usually part of the hotel cost, a picnic lunch out of the cooler (sandwiches, fruit, cheese, water), and then a light dinner somewhere in the evening.). Fast food restaurants run from $12-20 per person, leaving the rest as cooler food costs.
    - Gas ~ $40 per day, which will get around 300 miles per day in my vehicle, or roughly 1/2 to 2/3rds of the day spent driving.

    I can typically come under this amount by
    - Camping, for around $20-30 per night; but you have to bring camping equipment
    - Cooking or making my own dinner. If I cook or make my own dinner I can make a light dinner for two for $10 or so.

    On a typical trip, I'll mix camping and hotels, and making/ cooking my own meals and buying dinners about 50/50.

    You still need to budget for "entertainment" costs, including admission to places, souveiners, and just having fun on the spur of the moment. I can *usually* cover these by running under budget some days.

    And you need to have some type of reserve for emergencies -- I use a credit card in case of inexpected additional expenses.

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    Default Some Links

    We crossed the US on part of 50 in one of our trips - 2004 Trip. Some useful links to pages that suggest stops & other info on US 50:
    Coast to Coast on US 50
    Roadtrip USA Choose "9"
    Both have useful information.

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