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    G'Day Mates,

    My sister and I are travelling over to USA for the first time ever for my other sisters wedding in Las Vegas. We are very excited about travelling around there as we are from Australia.

    We are coming into Vegas on the 29th June and staying around until about 5th July when we plan on taking a flight over to Chicago. We were thinking of travelling to Tijuana for a night just to visit because we will be the closest to Mexico then out of our whole trip. As the wedding is on the 2nd of July and we want to be in USA for 4th of July we are limited for time. Is it possible to travel to and from TJ in 2-3 days (not sure about distances) and be able to see around so we can be back for the 2nd July?

    After flying over to Chicago we will stay there for a few days before planning a roadtrip over to New York City. On the way we would like to be able to see Niagra Falls from the Canadian Side (told this is the best side to see them) but that is pretty much the only stop we had in mind at this stage. We want to be in NYC by the 12th of July to be able to spend about 6 nights before flying out on the 19th July.

    How long would it take to travel along this trip including stop overs? We are both driving so could travel from 4-6 hours a day (giving us a chance to see little townships etc on the way)

    Also, are there any extra points of interest that would be worth seeing on this route? Not knowing the area leaves us with a slight disadvantage towards the smaller items of interest.

    And one last question, is the Amish area of New York State on the way between Niagra Falls and New York City?

    All help is greatly appreciated on any part of our journey...

    Thanks in advance... Alex and Hollie

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    TJ could be done as an overnight type trip. You're looking at around 6 hours to drive there from Vegas. If you do go, I would spend the night north of the border. If you are in a rental you'll have to park on the US side and walk across, but that's the route I'd recommend regardless. TJ's an interesting place, to say the least.

    Chicago to NYC via Niagara Falls is about a 1000 mile journey. You could do that without too much difficulty in as little as 2 days of driving, but that would involve 8-9 hour days on the road. If you are only going to drive 4-6 hours a day (which really isn't very much) you'll need at least 4 days for the trip.

    The international aspect of this trip could complicate things abit. You will have to see if your rental company allows their cars to be taken into Canada (some do, some don't, unlike Mexico which prohibited by everyone). If they do, you can go through Detroit and Cross into Canada there to get to the Falls. If not, you'll have to stay south of the Great Lake, but again, you would be able to park in NY and walk across to the Canadian side if you want.

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    thanks alot for that - helps out with our planning quite a bit...

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    ok - we are now planning on going from chicago to indianapolis to columbus to DC to philadelphia to NYC.

    we want to spend one nite in each city once leaving chicago (so 5 days travel between chicago to NYC) this is enough time to travel between all cities and being able to look around the cities isnt it?

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    Here are the distances and estimated times between each city:

    Chicago - Indy: 190 miles; about 3.5 hours trip time
    Indy - Columbus: 185 miles; about 3 hours
    Columbus - Washington, DC: 435 miles; about 7.5 hours
    Washington, DC - Philadelphia: 150 miles; about 3 hours
    Philadelphia - New York City: 100 miles; about 2 hours

    This is all certainly doable in the frame you've allotted, though it does leave less time to investigate the goings on in Washington, DC, since that is quite a long day, relatively speaking.

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