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    Hi there,

    My girlfriend and I are in the very early stages of planning a month long US road trip and we're a bit at a loss as to where to start. We've got a few routes in mind and know a few people scattered around the country that we could visit.

    We'd be leaving from Ottawa, Canada and either heading straight south through New York State, or hauling over to Detroit and starting in Michigan. We've thought of three main routes we would be interested in: the great lakes area, the east coast, or a sprint to California to start followed by a slow meander back home.

    Given a predominantly camping or car sleeping trip, is the California option at all time wise feasible?

    Any tips, tricks and trivia are welcome.


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    I think you already know the basic answer to your question. If seeing and staying with your friends is important, either because you really want to see them or because they offer a few nights of free accommodations, then you'll be going where they are. Otherwise, your basic plan will depend on whether you're more into driving a fair bit each day in order to see a lot of the country or are more interested in what you'll be doing out of the car and want to get to know the places you do visit better than you can by just blowing through. In the first case, California is certainly possible, but if you want to see anything along the way, plan on a week out and a week back, plus a week or so to see some of the best that state has to offer. If you'd like a less hurried approach, then a loop trip from Ottawa to the UP of Michigan, down through the Wisconsin and Illinois to St. Louis and then across Kentucky and the Appalachians to the Outer Banks of North Carolina and back north through the major cities of the East coast to New England, Montréal and Ottawa would make a very nice and very diverse trip.


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    Thanks a bunch for the tips, I'll try to bounce ideas off of here once in a while!


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