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    Default Marbella, Spain & Gibraltar

    Got a three or four day job coming up in April - down in Marbella. Given the huge influx of Brits on the site lately I'm sure someone can offer some suggestions for places to visit/see in the evenings. There'll be two or three of us down there so I'll not have the car every evening (unless the boss is being tight and I have to rent one myself, of course)

    Looking for cool/scenic/challenging drives, people watching, interesting sights and all that kinda thing.

    Thought we might pop down to Gibraltar one evening to see the monkeys (no, not the Spanish border guards!) - anyone been there? I've been told it's best to leave the rental car in Spain and walk across as the Spanish drag their feet on the outbound border and it can sometimes take two or three hours to get back into Spain. With that in mind, is there suitable public transport from the border/can you walk into town? (sorry, I have absolutely no idea of the geography - it could be a dozen miles for all I know? :s)

    Thanks for any suggestions!

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    Default Here

    Well we arrived at Malaga Airport at earlier today. The weather in the UK at the moment is 'exciteable' to say the least - well it certainly was when I left home at 4am this morning. We left Heathrow pretty much on time, which is a wonder in itself, but the ride got interesting the moment we left the runway. We caught a huge side gust and took off at a 30 degree angle to the runway and with me looking out my window directly onto tarmac :o People were screaming and everything... very cool hehe! I've just been watching Sky News and the view from outside the plane (don't think it was our plane but nonetheless...) was pretty bloody terrifying. I'm glad I was on the inside looking out!

    Picked the car up after a fashion - the company didnt have a desk at the airport - we had to look for a man with a sign bearing my name as we came into the arrivals hall and then he directed us to the wrong bus stop. That or I misunderstood. But I'm sticking with the story of him getting i wrong! The car was a nasty Chevvy (European style - ie ex Daewoo) but so far it's got us around okay, if a little slowly.

    We'd been told to meet the site agent at the customers property at 12.30 but didn't even get the car until 1pm so, when we finally reached the premises 90 minutes later, we were somewhat surprised to be greeted with the news that we were 24 hours (well, 22 hours) early. Oh joy... we looked so professional. Thanks boss!

    So we went for a little explore and a little practice in the car. I have no problem driving on the right, or in a left hand drive, but driving on the right, in a left hand drive and with a manual gearbox proved somewhat tricky. I've only done that once before and the traffic between Oslo and Lillehammer was all but nonexistent so it was somewhat less tricky.

    We managed to make our way up into the hills overlooking Marbella and it was quite a view. I'll try and get a photo or two tomorrow. Once we'd done up there - we were getting some strange looks from a guy in a police car so I'm not so sure we were actually supposed to be up there - we decided to head into central Marbella. I have to say it reminded me a little of Miami in as much as the beach was over rated, the buildings very shiny and bold yet somehow unwelcoming but, mostly, the fact that everyone spoke the 'wrong' language. In Miami the first language spoken is often Spanish whereas, here in Spain, the first language spokn seems generally to be English. Very very odd.

    Eventually, after being unable to find the marina at Puerto Banus (go figure - will try again) we find our way to our hotel. The Crowne Plaza. And what a nice place it is. Very very nice. A far cry from the Super 8 and Motel 6 that I usually end up stopping at when I'm on the road. I'm currently sat on the balcony logged on to the (very expensive) wifi typing this. It's hardly warm - in fact it's actually quite cold - but I'm English and I'm not gonna waste the fact that I've left behind the storms and hurricaine force winds behind in the UK.

    I think I'm gonna enjoy Spain. Dunno why I didn't head down here sooner.

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    Default lucky to get away!

    sounds like an entertaining lift off,did they charge extra? lol.
    i heard loads of flights out of heathrow and gatwick were cancelled.
    the storms seem to be subsiding a bit on the south coast now,although the forcast is'nt great all week, have fun[don't work to hard!]

    so whats the weather like there?

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    Default English weather

    Today was very very similar to how its been in the UK recently. I'm disappointed. I packed shorts! haha

    Hoping to head on down to Gibraltar tomorrow afternoon. Any idea if we get a passport stamp? :s

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    Quote Originally Posted by UKCraig View Post
    Hoping to head on down to Gibraltar tomorrow afternoon. Any idea if we get a passport stamp? :s
    I didn't get a stamp when I went in 2003, we drove down for the day from Torremolinos, it's pretty easy to get to - it's mostly motorway all the way.
    It rained heavily all the way there and we had to queue to get through passport control and into Gibraltar but luckily the sun broke through the clouds as we got off the cable car on top of the rock - well worth the trip for the views and the apes, don't feed them though, they turn nasty when the food runs out.
    There's a big car park around the ground level cable car station, but not sure how you get there - I just pulled in to the first parking space I could find and walked, can't remember where exactly we parked but it was only a 5 min walk from the main street and I can remember walking past the captured Russian guns from the Chrimea at the top of some steps.
    Only went to Marbella for the day so can't really help you there sorry.
    Watch out for the scooters in the towns though, they're fond of suicidal manouvres through traffic when everybody is braking for traffic lights - some of them seem to come from nowhere!

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