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    A friend and I are traveling from Tucson to Colorado Springs, and I'm wondering what the best possible route is. According to MapQuest, taking 1-10 to New Mexico and then jumping on I-25 all the way up to Colorado Springs is the quickest way. An alternate route would be traveling all the way up through Arizona, and then cutting across into New Mexico and then straight up. Which one would you guys recommend? We're definitely not looking to go off the beaten path--basically just trying to get from point A to point B. Any suggestions on which route to take? Thanks!

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    Default I-25

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    Sticking to the Interstates will be the fastest route, using the shortcut on NM-26 at Deming.

    Its still an 825 mile trip, so you'll need to expect to be on the road for about 15 hours for this trip.

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