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    Hi, Iam relocating from Toronto to Staten island, New York and planning to leave on Feb 1st morning. We will be driving in our U-haul with our household stuff and wanted to know the easiest route to take, since we have our uhaul and the car behing on a trailer. We want to knw the safest route taking into consideration the time of the year and there could be paossibility of snow. How long does it take to clear the border with our truck, we are palnning to reach the border by 3-4 am in the morning to avoid traffic line ups.

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    Default good question

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I'm not sure how long it will take to clear the border, but I would plan for a significant delay, and hope for a short one. Before you leave make sure you have all the documentation you need for the border crossing out and in an easy to reach location.

    As far as routes go, this thread goes through a few options you'll have for the trip.

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    Default More border crossing info

    This page at the US Customs and Border Patrol website has some helpful information. Click on the "For non-US Citizens" link for a list of documents you will need. The "Border Wait Times" link should be helpful in determining the wait time you might encounter. Hope this helps!

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    Thank you for your help with border crossing info. The " Moving Household goods to the US" section was very helpful.

    I looked at the other Ny road trip forum and got some information on the different routes available but still would apreciate the best route for driving trucks especially if there are inclement weather conditions.

    You tips and suggestions greatly appreciated.

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    Default Look at the forecast

    The advice for winter driving is going to be the same as we repeat on many threads on the forum. Your best bet will always be to watch the weather forecasts just before your departure and try to find the route that looks like it will be the clearest.

    If you are sticking to the Interstates, there won't be any route that is inherently better or worse. You will have to deal with some mountains with all of the routes, but the roads are built to let trucks handle those conditions without any significant problems.

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