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    We are planning a short notice road trip for my husband's grandfather's funeral and we will be traveling over 2500 miles next weekend. I am trying to determine if it would be worth it to rent a car to put the miles on instead of our own vehicle. We have a 2007 Odyssey with around 12000 miles on it. We won't have our kids for this trip, but will be traveling with another couple.

    Any good way to determine whether it would be practical to rent a car rather than put the miles on my vehicle?

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    There is certainly nothing wrong with renting a car for the kind of trip you are thinking about, and several RTA regulars take part in the practice.

    As with anythings there are pros and cons.

    Pros: Renting the car will save you from putting miles, and wear and tear on your car. (Since you are in a warranty period, it will also delay the expiration of the warranty. )It also gives the the security of knowing you'll be driving a virtually new car but if something happens on the road, you won't be held responsible for it. You also get the advantage of driving the perfect car for your trip, so if you want something a little bigger or something with a little better gas mileage because of the specifics of your trip.

    Cons: You are driving someone elses car. For me, I like my own car and purchased it because it meets my needs pretty well, and I know I'm comfortable driving long distances in it. There is also the matter that while you are putting on miles, they are highway miles and put much less stress on your car than stop and go urban traffic. And of course there is the upfront cost that you do have to pay the rental car company.

    Ultimately, its a matter of personal preference and deciding if you think the costs of renting a car will outweigh the costs of operating and maintaining your own car.

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