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    Default From Idaho to South Carolina, sites to see?

    What are some good site seeing places on the way from Idaho to South Carolina? My mom, my sister and I are travelling for the first time cross country and need ideas of good places to see, eat and sleep. We prefer to stay on the freeways or main highways and don't have too much time to venture far from those, so any ideas?

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    Default Right on Your Way

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    Even if you only have 5 days and must stick to the basic Interstate route of I-84/I-80/I-29/I-70/I-57/I-24/I-40/I-26, you will still have an hour or two each day for sight seeing, and there are a few places nearby worth seeing. Start with a stop in Salt Lake City, then be sure to poke around some of the historic landmarks as you retrace the Oregon Trail through Nebraska. Next up would be St. Louis and finally Great Smoky Mountains National Park.


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    Default What kinds of things interest you?

    It's a bit hard to answer such a generic question. Are you interested in the outdoors and natural settings? Or cities and nightlife? History and museums? Give us a hint.

    It looks like the most direct route is via Salt Lake City-Cheyenne-Omaha-Kansas City-St. Louis-Nashville-South Carolina (2500 miles). That is, if you're leaving from southern Idaho. If you're leaving from northern Idaho, the most direct route would be Fargo-Minneapolis-Chicago-Louisville-South Carolina (2700 miles). Are you taking one of these? Or a totally different route?

    Help us help you by giving us a bit more information.

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    Default Sorry

    Sorry that is was a generic question. And we would like to see outdoor/nature stuff preferably. And we are leaving from around the Boise area so the south I would guess. Anywho sorry that I didn't give enough information before.

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    Default No problem

    That helps.

    AZBuck already gave you some great ideas of places to explore with links. Check 'em out.

    We generally recommend people not drive more than about 500-550 miles per day. This is especially true on a multi-day trip. Even if you are excited and have an adrenaline rush when you start off, road fatigue will begin. And this can impact your judgement and reflexes. This article on speed runs will give you some tips on how to cover a lot of miles safely.

    Note that even if you have multiple drivers, just riding in the car can be tiring. You can't assume that you can drive twice as long with two drivers; three times as long if you have three drivers, etc.

    A great time-saver is to eat out of your cooler. I have done a few trips where I'm caravanning with other cars. There have been times when they are hungry and want to stop at a restaurant. While they're sitting inside waiting to be served and eat, I usually have time to eat, take a walk, maybe poke my head in a shop or two, etc. And I think I'm far more refreshed and ready to continue because I did walk and get my blood pumping rather than just sitting there. I also tend to lose weight while on a roadtrip even with all the sitting because I'm eating numerous small, healthy meals per day. This helps me avoid that after-lunch slump that you can get after a big meal. You can pull over at any place that appeals to you like scenic viewpoints, parks, etc. Something to consider for at least some meals anyway.

    Here's a few more ideas of things to do along your route. But I'll not bother with giving you stuff between Boise and the SLC area because, if this is where you live, you've probably done most of that already, right?

    Day 1: Drive I-84. Just south of Ogden, I-84 will veer east and merge with I-80. You will want to take I-80 toward Wyoming. Rock Springs, WY, is about 480 miles from Boise and might be a good place to stop for the night. Some of the hotels there are Motel 6, La Quinta, Holiday Inn, Hampton Inn, and Econolodge. I'm sure there's plenty more to choose from.

    Day 2: Continue east on I-84. Kearney, Nebraska, might be a good place to stop for the night. It's 575 miles from Rock Springs to Kearney. Lodging should be easy to find as they have a Best Western, Ramada, Super 8, Fairfield, Hampton, Holiday Inn, Rodeway Inn, and more just off the freeway at the main exit to downtown. On the way, you might enjoy visiting the Wyoming Frontier Prison in Rawlins WY or the Wyoming Territorial Prison Historic Site in Laramie (doubt I'd do both, I'm really not that into prisons, LOL). Cheyenne WY has a Frontier Days Museum, historic Governor's Mansion site, and I've heard good things about the Nelson Museum of the West. In North Platte, you might enjoy a visit to Buffalo Bill Cody's home with museum. Gothenberg has a Pony Express Stop and a Sod House Museum that sound intrigueing. Kearney's Fort Kearney State Historical Site should be interesting. This was a major stop over on the Oregon Trail.

    Day 3: Continue east on I-80 until you get to Lincoln, NE, where you will take Hwy 2 East. Just east of Nebraska City, you will take I-29 South/East. In Kansas City, you will get onto I-70 East. Kearney to St. Louis, Missouri, is about 575 miles. St. Louis is a great place to stop for the night and you should have no problems finding lodging. AZBuck gave you a link to things to see and do there. Along the way, the Missouri River Basin Lewis & Clark Interpretive Trail in Nebraska City, Nebraska, sounds interesting.

    Day 4: From St. Louis, you will take I-64 to Mt. Vernon and then I-57/I-24 to Nashville, TN, would be a good distance to drive this day. It's only just over 300 miles but this would give you a bit of time to explore St. Louis a bit more in the morning. I think that would be a good use of time as there is a lot to see there. Also, there is a lot to see in Nashville as well so this will give you time to enjoy that. This is another place where there should be numerous hotels to choose from.

    Day 5: Nashville to Charleston (or wherever your final stop is). To Charleston is 550 miles. In Nashville, take I-40 East to just past Knoxville where you will take I-26 into Charleston.

    Hope this helps a bit.

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    Default Another Question?

    So we are trying to do a budget of how much we are going to need, and we estimated on the gas already for the trip but we would like rough estimate on lodging? Also would it be better to reserve places to stay in advance before we leave or should we worry about that when we are on the road? I mean cause I don't want to reserve a room before hand at a hotel or motel or whatever and then we get ahead of schedule and end up stopping in a place that is not were we reserved, like a different town or even a different state for that matter. This might be little confusing so, sorry in advance. Any questions on what I am asking, please let me know.

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    Default Boise Idaho to Charleston South Carolina

    2 young women traveling from Boise Idaho to Charleston South Carolina. We need some great places to stop to site see since we've never gone across country before. Were taking the route shown on yahoo maps so we dont want to go all over out of our way. Thanks
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