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    Hello Forum!

    I just discovered this forum and I have loads of questions regarding travelling the USA. I will be visiting the States in August. My main stay will be in Texas with my family, however, I know people in California and want to visit them.

    I have friends in LA, San Francisco and Tahoe and I would like to visit Yosemite National Park as well. Since I will be coming from Germany, I think it may be best to start off in LA as it's a most likely destination for an overseas flight coming from Europe. Since I'm going to TX after, it would be just as handy to end up in LA.

    So any suggestions of a route? I would really appreciate any insights here, as I've never done a roadtrip. I'd also be interested in meeting people to roadtrip with. Is there another forum for that?

    Thank you!

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    Welcome to RoadTrip America!

    Where abouts in Texas are you planning on visiting? One of the major costs with a trip like this is going to be your flights. To keep your costs as low as possible you could possibly have to compromise your California start/end points.

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    Default welcome

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I'm a little confused, are you planning to do your trip just driving around California and then fly to Texas or are you planning to start in Calfornia, look around the state, and then continue on to Texas by car?

    If you are just checking out CA, we've got tons of threads and ideas to help you get started. This thread has some of our favorite links, and you can find lots more just by browsing around.

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    Craig and Michael, thanks for teh swift reply!

    I will try to clarify: My USA visit will contain 3 sections pretty much:

    A. 2-4 weeks California (LA -> Tahoe or the other way around)

    B. 3-4 weeks Texas as my family lives in Houston.

    C. whatever time/money is left I'd like to go to ATL and Detroit, but those are lowest priority sorta.

    I was thinking of roadtripping in Cali and then probably flying over to TX, where I will spend most fo the time in Houston. My main issue at the moment is where to start off, as flying from Berlin to LA is very expensive. I wil be coming from Europe, so maybe it would make more sense to land in Houston and then make my way up to Cali and then leave from there. FI would really like to visit either Detroit or ATL tho.

    Maybe people don't do this, but I'd also like to meet people who will also be roadtripping CA. Is there a thread for "traveller matchup" or something?

    Many Thanks,
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    Houston is perfect - with Continental being based there you shouild get a good deal. Look for a flight to LA with a connection in Houston. You should get this for pretty much the same price as a flight terminating in Houston. On the way back then you can break the journey with a layover in Houston. American airlines allow you to do this free of charge. Call Continental direct to discuss this with them. If you do multiple stops in the US then it's going to get ridiculously expensive to do on one ticket and you will need to arrange additional domestic flights independantly.

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    Default meeting up

    I don't know how much luck you'll have with any sort of specific traveler meet-up, where you plan to meet someone in advance. We've got a share the gas section, and there are some other similar things out there, where you can post your trip if you are looking for a fellow traveler to go with you. However, roadtrips are fairly individual things, so they don't always lend themselves real well to the sort of thing you appear to be looking for.

    However, that doesn't mean you can't or won't meet people along the way. There are lots of opportunities to meet other people while you are out on the road, so it would be pretty remarkable if you DIDN'T meet other travelers during your own explorations. Adding to that, you might want to consider spending a few nights at hostels. They aren't extremely widespread in the US, but there are a number of them in California's major cities, and that would be one place you would certainly find other travelers to talk to and meet while you are on the road.

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