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    Hey everyone. I'm a highschool senior in Jersey, and this summer my friend and I are planning to take a roadtrip. It's pretty open-ended, but there are a couple issues that complicate things.

    First, I'm here and she's in Indiana. We were thinking of maybe doing a loop from Jersey to Indiana, with one of us flying out/back home at the beginning/end. The other option was me driving out to Indiana to meet her and starting out from there, but I don't know if I'm comfortable driving that far by myself. The only other significant driving I've done was about a day along the freeway in upstate NY and a weekend trip down to the Jersey shore.

    Second, we probably only have a week or two to do this, because I'm supposed to be working and saving for college.

    Third, we have a limited budget. We'll be going on whatever we've saved from our part-time jobs this year.

    My question to you is this: taking into consideration these factors, what would you reccomend as a) good destinations, b)a good starting point, and c) a cost-effective way of meeting up/getting home? I know this is a little confusing(at least to me), but any assistance you can render would be greatly appreciated.

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    If money is a critical issue, then I wouldn't use limited resources on flying to an initial departure point. From Central New Jersey to Indianapolis is a very straightforward drive, all the way on I-70. Now it's true that you should take two days for that drive to maintain a comfortable pace, but still it will be cheaper than flying her out to New Jersey and back. If you have only a week, then you're talking about taking the weekend on either end to make the drive to Indian and the return. If you've already done a day long freeway drive, then this is nothing more than two shorter versions of that on two successive days.

    There are any number of ways to keep costs down on RoadTrips. Some of the best are discussed in this article and this thread. Also read this post to get an idea of how much money you will really need.

    With a week or two to travel from Indiana, there are a number of destinations within relatively easy reach (not a lot of time or money) including the Appalachian Mountains, the Great Lakes, New England, the Mississippi River and Gulf Coast, The South, even the Rockies. Just take it easy and go wherever the two of you think would be interesting.


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