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  1. Default Virginia to Oregon Summer 08!

    Well Hello All!
    I just found this site and I already love it! I have been on numerous road trips throughout my life and about to add the one biggest this summer.
    Before I ask the question, here is a bit of info...
    My husband and I are taking my older sister a trailer full of her things (she was married this past year). We havent planned which day we are leaving yet or even a route! At the moment we are trying to find people to join us. A group makes a trip better I think. (we have three people who might come) We have a Durango and will be towing a uhaul. We will be camping for a majority of the trip to save money. The trip starts in eastern Virginia and will end in Portland. We hope to make it there and back in two weeks. But we also want to stop at places along the way and make this a real enjoyable trip.
    My question is, does this sound like a reasonable amount of time? And will this trip be too rushed?
    We hadn't planned on staying in places for long. Just making a little bit of a zig zag both ways and hitting unique and historical places. Quick but fun. Several places we really want to see are: Mount Rushmore, Grand Canyon, Redwood National Forest, Vegas...).
    We have driven to and from Kansas before. A trip from Kansas to our home in eastern Virginia just took over a days ride. And that was a very rushed ride.
    Just a bit of advice would be helpful. Also, any advice on a good route or cool (inexpensive) places to stop.
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    Default seems tight

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I'm not sure that you will be able to fit everything you've got planned into just 2 weeks.

    I'd be figuring at least 5 days for the drive each way, but that would be assuming the most direct route and assuming you were able to drive at or above the speed limit for most of the time.

    If you detoured through SD, with the trailer on the way out, I'd figure 6 days minimum - and even that would only allow a pretty quick stop at Rushmore.

    Coming back, without the trailer, but going through Redwoods, Vegas, and the Grand Canyon, you're looking at 3500+ miles, putting you at 7 full driving days before you spend any time at those stops.

    So you'd already be at 13 days without spending any time in Portland or the places you've listed. So if you want to see all those places and have time to enjoy the trip, I think you need to add a few more days at the very least.

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