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    I just got a job in San Fran, and will need to relocate end of January. Due to a tight relo pacakge, I was looking to cut costs by driving to San Fran from Cookeville, TN. My belongings are all mostly books and clothes, amounting to maybe 10-15 boxes and 3 suitcases.

    I was wondering if I could rent a mini van and drive, I might manage to fit in my luggage (I can always send a few boxes UPS ground). This would cut costs considerably for me. I am a first timer with cross country driving, my longest road trip being from Cookeville,TN to Columbus, OH (and Springfield, IL).
    My concerns:
    -Winter weather conditions while driving a loaded mini-van on I-40.
    -Am I being ambitious if I give myself 4 days for the trip. I do not plan to really stop for sightseeing anywhere, but I would like to get sleep at motels/hotels overnight. If I am, how long do I really need?
    -What do I need to keep in mind, being a solo traveler?.. anyone who might have the done this route before, esp during winter : if you have suggestions or advice or pointers, I'd welcome it.

    I might come up with more questions later on, but for now this is it...
    Thanks very much.

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    Default might look for more

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Driving for this trip sounds like a good plan to me. 4 days is enough time to make the trip, but it is on the upper end of what we'd recommend. If you can add a 5th day, I would. That would let you be a little more relaxed and gives you a little more cushion to deal with winter weather, should you encounter it on your trip.

    This story has some winter driving tips, and Here is our solo trip section which should provide some more help for your trip.

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Doing a quick check of what's available from Nashville for a one-way rental to San Francisco at the end of January, I find full size cars, standard SUVs and mini vans all available for about $500, assuming you take a week for the drive. And actually, even if you made the drive in 4 days (the absolute minimum) and had the car for another day to pack/unpack, it's probably just as cheap to rent for the week. I would actually be very surprised, after you added in the $500-600 cost of gas and motels, if you could make this trip cheaper by driving than by shipping all your stuff and flying. Now if you had your own car that you needed to take with you then a drive would make sense. But in this case I just don't see it.


  4. Default It is a bit more complicated

    Thanks for your suggestions guys...

    Situation a bit of a mess really.... I cannot have my moving dates fixed as yet, as there are some visa papers being processed with my new employer.. and I cannot plan anything before that gets done... Last minute plan tickets might just end up being expensive is my guess...

    Other thing is that I am currently in Austin (for job search), but my belongings are in Cookeville. I will have to travel from Austin to Cookeville and transport my stuff and then get to San Fran... Short notice moves and plane tickets might just end up biting me in my backside... which is why I was considering the road trip....

    I appreciate your input anyways....

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