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    Default 4 Months coast to coast from April!

    As per the title my girlfriend and me are coming to the States (from the UK) in April as the first leg of our round the world trip.

    We are planning to either buy (if possible) or hire an RV to take us on our travels and end this leg of the trip on the West coast where we would be looking to sell (or return) it, around 4 months later.

    We have looked into rental and it is looking to be roughly $10,000+, but I can only find places that seem to do 4+ berth vans, we would be happy with something smaller if anyone knows of any companies?

    For the above reason we are seriously considering buying/selling as even if you bought for say $15000 and sold for half that price you are still saving $$$.

    We only need a smallish 2 berth (possibly truck camper?) type of thing, a shower and toilet would be good, anything else a bonus!

    I just wondered if anyone had any advice on:
    Licensing & registraion (if buying)
    Where to look to buy (or rent)
    Any other relevant tips!

    Having had a look around the forums it seems some people recommend hiring a car and doing it that way, I am looking into that now, anyone recommend a company for 1 way hire?

    Thanks in advance,
    Karl & Fran

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    Default Some links

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    We've got a few good articles about buying and renting RVs.

    How to rent an RV should be a good overview of what is available to rent and some companies that offer the service.

    This article also looks at the different types of RVs that are available. In fact our entire RV Trip Planning section could provide lots of help.

    Its hard to say if buying an RV will be worth the money. Even if it looks like a good deal up front, there is a lot more to deal with as far extra costs associated with a purchase. Taxes alone on a $15000 RV would likely cost well over $1000, and that doesn't include license, insurance, or the maintenance and other upkeep costs that you would be responsible for.

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    Hi Michael,
    Thanks for the information. I have had a good peruse around the site and the links you posted and it has some great information.

    We have now found a C22 RV that looks like a good deal at $7.5k including mileage so I think we may well go for that.

    Karl & Fran

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    It is probably a wise decision. Maybe it costs more that way but then you're paying for the peace of mind that, should an axle fall off in the middle of Manhatten, you just phone them up and they have to come and rescue you before sending you on your way with the keys to another RV. If it was yours you'd have a couple of hefty bills to pay and possibly a lengthy wait for the repairs to be done. And that's quite apart from the hours and hours you'd spend trying to get the thing registered and insured as a UK resident.

    Anyway, have a great trip and please do pop by with any questions you have along the way. We'd love for you to keep us informed as you go too!

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    Hi Craig,
    Thanks for the advice, thats always worth bearing in mind when planning a trip like this as what seems like a cheap deal could cost you a fortune in the end.

    Having found what seems like a reasonable quote I just wondered if anyone had used and more specifically cruise-america (who seem to be a fairly large company)?

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    Oh and if anyone is interested the blog for our travels can be seen at


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    We have now pencilled in a rough route, it is:

    Or you can view it HERE

    If anyone has any suggestions on variations we could make to this route then I would like to hear them.


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    The trip is getting closer and closer and I can't wait! :)

    One thing I have been trying to organise is to attend a music festival while we are in America. We have been to lots in the UK but never anywhere else. I have been looking for something suitable that wouldn't be too far out of our way but haven't found anything yet. :(

    The best I have come up with is Bonnaroo but the problem we have is that it is 2/3's of the way through our travelling time but only really 1/3 of the total distance we have to travel, which would mean we would have to compact the last 2/3's of the journey into only 1/3 of the time (does that make any sense to anyone thats not me?!)

    If anyone can think of an alternative or a way we could go to bonnaroo then I would be eternally grateful!


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