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    Default las vegas/ san fransisco/ los angeles/ las vegas

    hi all, 1st post glad I found your site, its our 25th wedding anniversary in september so we want to start out in vegas for our anniversary, then go to san francisco and los angeles, not bothered which way we go then end back in vegas to fly home, so which is best way to go from vegas to los angeles or to san francisco look forward to your replies thanx

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    Default Doesn't Really Matter

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I can't see why it would really matter which way you are going if you are just going from point to point. If you've got some specific stops or routes in mind, there might be some minor differences going one way or another, but there is nothing that makes a huge difference.

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    Default Happy Anniversary!

    We celebrated our 25th just a few months back. Times flies, doesn't it?

    I encourage you to read this post by AZBuck where he has compiled links to some of the best of the many discussions about the San Francisco-LA-Vegas area. You'll read about potential routes and some interesting places to visit like Death Valley, Yosemite, Monterey and more. It's worth a read as it will give you a lot of good ideas.

    When you've got a few more ideas of what you want to see and do, come on back and let us help you plan a vacation worthy of marking such a major event in your lives.

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    thanx, will look at the link, more I look more I get excited about the trip

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