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    I am planning a trip from either LA or San Francisco up the west coast for a 2 week holiday ending in Vancouver. The origin of the trip greatly depends on the time it will take. So first off can anyone help me with how long these journeys may take, obviously my friends and I don't want to spend all the time on the road and the time we do, we want to stay close to the coast itself not just take the highways.

    Secondly then, stop off points. Can anyone give me 4/5 destinations that are a must see for this trip?

    And finally by missing out the San Diego to San Francisco leg of they journey am I missing out on the best part?

    Help, many thanks in advance

  2. Default What are you interested in seeing?

    Hello rachycreed, and welcome to the RoadTrip America forum!

    Well, at a minimum it's about a 2 day drive (via I-5) from SF or LA to Vancouver, BC.

    If I had to lay out a rough trip -- and hitting a lot of the major sights up and back, I'd take the coast route up and then hurry back down I-5, with a couple of stops on I-5.

    So.. starting from LA

    - LA to Santa Barbara/ San Luis Obispo (Santa Barbara, wine tasting near Solvang)
    - SLO to Monterey/ Carmel (Hearst Castle, Big Sur, Monterey)
    - Monterey to SF (SF)
    - SF to Eureka
    - Eureka to Crescent City (Redwoods! - multiple parks and side trips)
    - Crescent City to Klamath Falls, Oregib via Oregon Caves (this heads inland from the coast)
    - Klamath Falls to Crater Lake, then back to I-5 at about Eugene, Oregon, and then north to Portland.
    - Portland west via Astoria to Lake Crescent/ Port Angeles (Hoh Rain Forest, Lake Crescent, perhaps Hurricane Ridge)
    - Port Angeles to Victoria (via Ferry -- sightseeing in Victoria BC)
    - Victoria to Vancouver BC (via Ferry)

    That's 10 days from LA to Vancouver BC. You have a couple of extra days to do some additional sightseeing, and would probably be best used to spend some time in LA or SF or Seattle or Portland or even Vancouver to explore a bit more...

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Starting with the numbers: San Diego to Vancouver is about 1400 miles by the most direct, all interstate route. From Los Angeles that becomes 1275, and from San Francisco 950. So you could conceivably drive from either S.D. or L.A. in three days or from S.F. in 2. But to take the time and see the coast road, you'll need to add around 20-25% to the mileages and nearly double the time. The coast between S.D. and L.A. is fairly built up, and while the coast between L.A. and S.F. (the Big Sur) is wonderful, if time is a constraint so is the coast north of S.F. As for what to see along the way, there have been a number of posts by our resident RoadTrip Guru, Judy. The one suggestion that I would add is that you see Vancouver Island as well, either by taking the ferry from Port Angeles, WA to Victoria, BC and then a second ferry to Vancouver (thus bypassing all of Seattle) or as a side trip from Vancouver.


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