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    Hi there, not sure how to post a message, however you seem to be the guru. I am taking my father for a roadtrip from the 21st August to 1st September this year for his 70th (still a kid). His dream is to see the States and this will be his first visit. We are flying in and out of San Francisco and I was hoping to take in Napa, Yosemite, Monterey and, if time permits down to Vegas. Would you be able to recommend the ideal itinerary? Also how difficult would it be to hire a classic american convertible?

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    Welcome to RoadTrip America!

    There are several hundred threads pertaining to travelling through that area - start with those in the 'similar' threads section below and then click through the site until a route jumps out at you. A possible route might be San Fran - Yosemite - Tioga Pass - Death Valley - Las Vegas - Los Angeles - Pacific Coast Highway - San Fran but you'll need to consider how long you wish to stay in each location, etc.

    With regards the classic car - it would take some research you could well be possible out of a large city like San Fran. It'd not be cheap though...

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    Default Welcome to Roadtrip America!

    Trips that include San Francisco, California, and Vegas are some of the most common discussions on these forums. AZBuck has compiled a list of some of the best here. I'm sure if you click on the links in that post, you'll get a wealth of information to help you continue planning your trip.

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