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    Can anyone help? we are planning to visit Orlando in September for 1 week then drive up to Nashville spend about 3 days there before heading back to Orlando. Are there any places in between worth visiting or should we just fly? My preference would be to drive and then head back via a different route. Is this possible but more importantly is it worth while?

    Appreciate any help tips comments


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    It is, of course, possible to drive to and from Nashville by different routes, see some interesting things along the way, and have a great time doing it. But it will take time. I'd strongly suggest at least three days one way and two days to return, in addition to the three days you plan to spend in Nashville. For the three day drive, start by heading for the coast at Daytona Beach, head north alternating between I-95 (for speed as needed) and FL-A1A (for the beach). See oldest European city in the U.S. at St. Augustine. Experience some unspoiled Atlantic coast at Cumberland Island National Seashore. Visit Savannah and Charleston. Then turn inland on I-26 to Ashville and Great Smoky Mountains National Park. See why you'd need at least three days?

    For the shorter return, first head down through Chattanooga and Atlanta and finish off with a visit to Okefenokee Swamp


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    You may want to read the Nashville - Atlanta section of this roadtrip report

    I do not know what your interests are but there is a wealth of possibilities along that circular route. Give us a clue to your interests and we'll see what we can come up with.

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    Thanks for the replies. I like all sports ex Basketball - mainly NFL, College Football & MLB. She likes shopping & country music. We have three weeks total. Been to Orlando before (but no kids this time) so being a bit more adventuress. To be honest I would like to incorporate a trip up to Canton Ohio to visit the Pro Football Hall of Fame but I think its a bit of a stretch. Basically we have 3 weeks to do/go where we please. Should we see more places around Nashville or head back and maybe go down to the Keys. We have a budget of $4000.

    I would like to see a College Football Game. How easy is it to get tickets?

    Are there plenty of motels around the areas you have suggested?

    Does a UK cellphone work in the US? its been 7 years since my last visit it didnt then

    Lastly I have a UK spec GPS unit is it possible to purchase US maps on a SD memory card for this or should I just purchase/hire one when I arrive

    Thanks again for all the advice

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    I'll leave someone else to offer input on the first couple of queries.

    With regards accomodation - you will find that there are hotels/motels/camping in abundance. When you enter each new state it is worth stopping at a visitor center and picking up the free booklets full of discount accomodation vouchers. I have made a handful of reservations in my time but I always prefer to 'wing it' by driving into town and finding a place on the day. I've never come unstuck yet.

    A UK cellphone will work providing a) it's tri or quad band and b) you haveactivated roaming by calling your service privider. It is often activated automatically but do check as some companies do not do this - Orange for definate do not.

    Which GPS unit do you have? I have a TomTom Go 910 which comes with maps of the whole of Europe and North America pre-installed. It is absolutely superb and it's fair to say I love the thing. I have used a number of satnavs in the past and didn't like them so I'm certainly of the belief that it's worth taking your own if you get along with it. he last thing you need when trying to navigate a major city would be to have to struggle with an unfamiliar (and likely base level) satnav that you rented with the car.

  6. Default Orlando/Nashville

    There are several places of interest I'd recommend. Savannah, Charleston (although a little out of the way), and Atlanta. Savannah and Charleston are both absolutely beautiful. Atlanta is a nice city to visit and recently they have added some new attractions that are worth a visit.

    I would skip Chattanooga but that's my opinion. The drive through Chattanooga is pretty though.

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