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  1. Default 1st road trip: NH to Las Vegas???

    new here, and new to road trips, need some advice......

    I want to know what the overall best route is to take. Would like to stay as far south as possible due to driving in snow. I will be driving a 16' box truck while towing a car on a car carrier.

    My idea was to take I-91 / I-84 / I-81 / I-40 and then I-93 into Vegas...

    Please let me know I will be leaving on 01/16/08
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    Default Snow on all routes this year!

    Quote Originally Posted by otrnewb View Post
    I want to know what the overall best route is to take. Would like to stay as far south as possible due to driving in snow.
    About the only thing I can say with confidence, is that you should expect to hit snow and/or freezing rain on any route in the United States this winter! Welcome to the Great American RoadTrip Forum! As you will see if you read most of the postings on this Forum -- generally we recommend that you avoid any section of I-40 in the winter months due to the possibility of severe winter weather that arises from the Gulf of Mexico moisture. "Dry" snow is much easier to deal with and so we generally recommend that you stay as far north as you can on this drive. You need to make the actual route decisions a day or so in advance -- but I would urge you to consider using I-70 to I-15 (or even I-80 to I-15) as that route will generally have the best driving weather and conditions.
    and then I-93 into Vegas...
    In any case, I would not recommend using I-93 since you will have to cross Hoover Dam and the contents of your rental truck and car will be throughly searched due to security concerns. If you do use I-40 I would stay on I-40 until you reach Kingman and then take AZ-68 to Laughlin and then north on US-95 to Las Vegas.

    Here are some winter driving tips.


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    thank you for the advice, it is very helpful!

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