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    Hi everyone,
    me and one of my bestfriends are getting ready to move out to LA from just west of St. Louis. I would really appreciate it if anyone could help us figure out the best route for this time of year, along with some sites to see along the way. We don't have to make it out there in any specific amount of time certain, so we want to enjoy the road trip as much as we can. Thanks.

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    Default "Best" Winter Route

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    It's a request that gets repeated time and again during the winter: What's the 'best' route between some Point A and some other Point B, that will experience the 'best' weather.

    The advice comes down to a few simple points:

    1) The shortest route has the edge (all other things being equal) because it means that you will be on the road the least amount of time.

    2) If there are two routes of nearly equal mileage, be prepared to take either one, depending on the weather predicted during your actual travel period.

    3) Do NOT assume that a more southerly route means better weather. You may just be trading snow, which can be handled with proper driving techniques, for freezing rain, which is just an invitation to an accident.

    4) Have at least one spare day built into your travel plans in case the weather turns against you and you have to sit it out somewhere until it clears.

    5) Make your final decision on how to proceed only when you have an accurate forecast, and you CAN'T have that until just a day or two before departure. Note that one of your options HAS to be not to drive at all!

    In your case, your two main options are I-70 west through Colorado to I-15 south in Utah and on to Los Angeles (1871 mi.), and I-44 southwest to Oklahoma City and then I-40 to I-15 just north of L.A. (1829 mi). The I-44/I40 option gets the edge by being slightly shorter and farther south, but be very careful if rain and near or below freezing temperatures are predicted in the high desert region between Albuquerque and Kingman. See points 3 and 5 above.


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    thanks a bunch! Yeah, I think we're wanting to take the I-40 route, so my truck doesn't have to struggle through the mountains on I-70. Does anyone know any "must see" spots along I-40, and maybe some places to camp out after a good day's of travel?

    any good links to road maps w/ tourist attractions???
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    Default Routes & Tourist Attractions

    The online mapping program that I like the best when you're looking for tourist attractions, is at AAA. Click on the link and then scroll down to "Plan A Trip". You can then plan your route. If you zoom into the map, it will give you hotel/motel, restaurant, attractions, campgrounds, and all sorts of other information along your route. Because you have to zoom in to see these things, it can take awhile to add the things you want to see to your route, but it's well worth the time. You can add the places you want to stop onto your route with directions to them.

    Since you'll also be traveling next to what's left of old Route 66, the resources on our Route 66 page will give you a lot of other info about cool places to stop and see.

    Once you get some ideas, please come on back here and let us give you further suggestions, help you tweak your route, etc.

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    Thanks so much Judy, your info was really helpful.

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