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    my friends and i are planning to fly from slovenia to LA 10th april. we are supposed to stay in LA over the weekend and during that stay also visit San Diego. Then on Sunday we are planning to rent a car and drive ourselves to San Francisco, Las Vegas and back to LA where we'd dropped off our car and fly to NYC (19th april).

    i've read a lot of the posted treads on your forum, they are helpful, but i got even more confused!! i didn't get the posts about snow and road being closed at the end of april due to snow. is that on our way from SF to Las vegas or from Las Vegas to LA?

    primarily our trip plan was to just visit LA, SF and Las Vegas (only the cities), possibly the Death Valley, but after reading many of your posts, we have realized there is still so much to see, but now we have no idea what would be a realistic plan.

    this will be our first trip to USA and we come from Slovenia, a small country in EU, where 250 miles is the length of the whole country, so honestly, i do not really picture myself the American distances and how much time it takes you to get from A to B there :) we have been traveling a lot around EU, but USA is new to us.

    so please, if you could just give me any realistic ideas of what is possible to see and what skip and leave for the next time? is it better to stay longer in each city and see the scenery just on our drive through from city to city?

    also if anyone knows - i've read somewhere that it is cost free to rent a car in LA and drop it off in Las Vegas. Does anyone know anything about this?


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    Default long distances

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    There is a lot to choose from here, so I can understand your situation.

    As far as distances go, its about 250 miles from LA to Vegas, so that trip would be a bit like crossing your entire country. Its about twice that (500 miles) to go from Vegas to San Francisco.

    With a short amount of time, you really will have to pick what things you want to see. While know one can pick those things for you, I'd at least think about limiting your focus to either San Francisco or Las Vegas.

    In 5 days, you could spend a full day making a straight trip from LA to San Francisco, then spend 2 days there, and then spend 2 days driving down the coast back to LA.

    Or you could spend a long day driving out to the Grand Canyon. Spend one day there, and then head back to Vegas for a day and a half, and then hit Death Valley on a fairly long day back to LA.

    You could hit both places, but you'll basically need 2.5 days driving between the cities, so you would have very little time left over to explore. Snow is generally an issue between Vegas and San Francisco, however with your timeframe, you'll pretty much have to stick to the fastest route through Bakersfield, where snow shouldn't be a problem.

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    thank you very much for your advice! we took it under consideration and have now decided to go LA-las vegas-SF and then fly from SF to NY. in Las vegas we are only planning to stay one night (arrive there in the afternoon and leave the next day before noon). i hope it'll work out. otherwise we'll just have to adjust our plans.

    i have however one more question about NYC - we would like to see a show on Brodway there and we heard that the tickets can be bought in so-called ticket booths, but that there are several in NYC and that most are unknown even to the newyorkers and that majority of tourists go to the one on broadway which results in sold out tickets there. i've heard that there is one in the south, near the Battery park, but i'm not sure. any tips?

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    Default Tkts

    What you've heard of is TKTS and that is a good place to get discounted tickets. There is one office at Times Square and a second at the South Street Seaport, which is on the south end of manhatten, but still quite a ways from battery park.

    I belive the 2 systems are connected by computer, so the same tickets should be available at both locations, but I'd expect the lines to be a little shorter at the SSS location.

    I don't know of any other legit source of tickets, and I suspect the ones that New Yorkers don't know about are probably "black market" tickets that you might not want to deal with.

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