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    So myself and 2 or 3 friends are trying to figure out the most economically efficient way to go from Richmond, VA to Phoenix, AZ.

    It would be ideal to rent a car in RVA and drop it off in AZ and fly home. We have found very affordable plane tickets, but seeing that we are all 23, renting the car and getting out west is proving to be a challenge. The cheapest we have found is $500, and that was through Orbitz. That included the insurance, unlimited miles and all of the taxes/fees.

    Does anyone have any suggestions for websites or companies to look into for this trip? I would GREATLY appreciate any words of wisdom- we are trying to leave on Monday and are desperate to make this more affordable. (2 of us are moving to another country at the end of the month and want to do as much as we can before we leave) Thanks so much!!

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    You didn't say exactly how many days you needed the car for, but $500 for a one way rental from Virginia to Arizona sounds like an excellent price, especially when you factor in the extra charge for a one way drop off and being under age 25. I honestly would be pretty surprised if you found a deal better than that. Drop off fees alone on a one way cross country trip often cost a couple hundred dollars.

    It is usually cheaper to travel as a round trip, however at the rate you've been quoted, that really wouldn't be the case here (and that's one way you know you are getting a good rate). The cost of your fuel one way for this trip is probably going to be $350-400 alone, so driving back would cost almost as much as a car rental.

    If that is too much, and getting out to AZ is your only goal, you might find that it is actually cheaper just to fly there.

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    one other thing, your personal auto insurance often covers rental vehicles also....another few bucks saved!!

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    really, it does!? that's good to know!!! thanks :)

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    Default Yes, it does

    But you need to check with your own insurance agent to be sure that this is on your own policy. And each driver would need to have this kind of coverage. If one of your travel buddies is driving but doesn't have this kind of coverage on his own insurance, or doesn't have insurance at all, you're up a creek.

    I would suggest that you also double-check something concerning your car rental. Make sure they know the following:
    * your ages
    * how many people will be driving
    * that it's a one-way trip

    As Micheal said, there's a drop-off charge for one-way rentals. Drivers under age 25 are usually charged a higher-rate. Extra drivers under age 25 usually require an additional fee. You want to make sure all of these are included in your quote.

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