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  1. Default LA - San Fran - Vegas April 08

    I know there are lots of threads similar, however, I would like a few tips for our holiday in April/May 08.

    We have 16 nights across in America and are landing in LA and flying out of Vegas. The idea we had was the following:

    1. Stay in LA 2 nights - any particular area for most sightseeing?
    2. Maybe drive to San diego and stay 1 night
    3. Drive up to San Fransisco up the coast? is this the best route and how long would it take us? maybe stay over 1 night on the way - where would be good?
    4. Stay in SF for 3 nights
    5. Head towards Vegas - which route and perhaps stopover at yoesemite or death valley? any ideas and route times?
    6. Spend 5 or 6 nights in vegas (been before so have done grand canyon etc)

    I know it's a lot of driving, but is it do-able? looks like we may have a few nights spare, so any ideas would be grateful.

    Any other stopovers/places to visit would help?

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    Default Hundreds of ideas

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    The trip you are planning sounds like a great time. It also happens to be far and away the most talked about trip plan on the forum. We've got hundreds of threads already dedicated to this area.

    This thread has links to some of our favorite threads on the topic, but you can also check out the similar threads located at the bottom of the page, or use the search function, or just browse around for awhile.

    The trip you've laid out seems very do-able, however you might want to add in a little extra time if you want to see both Yosemite and Death Valley. Tioga Pass will be closed in April, so you will have to go around the Sierras via Bakersfield or go over them to the north at Lake Tahoe.

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    going up the coast is a cool route from la to sf to vegas.
    i did it years ago and stayed in a hotel on highway 1 directly on the seafront in a town a few miles (20 miniutes ish) south of hearsts castle (a great place to visit on the way.) but cannot for the life of me remember the name, think it was a best western. we did drive it in 2 days from la, but it took a while longer than expected and we arrived in san fransisco quite late.

    didnt go through death valley though, as the pass was closed.

    if you are planning to go to alactraz i will say, book in advance, i will never forget the sign " next available trip around the bay 10:15, next available trip to alcatraz thursday" and it was a monday!

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    Default Sounds good


    Looks like you've got plenty of time. I'm not sure how you plan to spend more time (5 or 6 nights) in Las Vegas than in LA and SF unless you are going to spend a fortune on the shows, or at the tables, but I'd add a day in each city and/or along the way do some extra sight seeing.

    In LA you should visit at least one of the movie studios. There are some world class art museums (though your art galleries in Edinburgh are among our favorites). And there is a long list of other attractions in the area. You won't get bored.

    Two of the best examples of early California history are the El Presidio de Santa Barbara, in Santa Barbara (the mission in Santa Barbara is very nice, too) and La Purisima Mission east of Lompoc.

    See one or the other if you can't see both. You'll be near many of the missions as you travel, but these plus San Juan Capistrano, San Fernando and San Juan Bautista are our favorites.

    It is possible to do both Yosemite and Death Valley, but I'd recommend 2 nights in each if you can (especially Yosemite). There is much to see and do if you can get out of the car and explore on foot. Most importantly, they are wonderful places to just soak up some peace, quiet and natural majesty.

    The variety of geology, culture, history and such in this loop is pretty amazing.


    Craig Sheumaker
    co-author of the travel guide: America's Living History-The Early Years

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    thanks guys for your replies - info on here is very useful.

    Just a couple more questions:

    1. San Diego - is it better to stay on the beach or Downtown. I think we want to visit the Zoo and Sea World.

    2. San Francisco - Better to stay at Union Square or Fisherman's Wharf? We wanna do all the usual stuff like Alcatraz, Golden Gate bridge and park, Crookedst street, Alamo Square, shops etc. Are there good tram/transport links from Fisherman's Wharf to Union Square?

    One thing I would say is that the parking at hotels is really expensive, especially in SF - any alternatives or do we have no choice but to pay these charges?

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