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  1. Default Driving safely on the roads.

    Hi people,

    I am 18 and have bought a new car. I want to follow traffic rules but as I am new I donít have much idea about the rules and the awaiting dangers on the roads. Can anyone suggest me any plans or ways to be known of the ways on roads.

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    The first thing to do is contact your state Motor Vehicles / Licensing Division and get their Motorists Handbook.

    The second thing you can do is enroll in a quality drivers education program.

    Many AAA Clubs also have either approved driving schools, access to guides and information, and can help you locate other items.

    The final thing I can suggest is read through the tips from RTA's own Bob Schaller (Professional Driving Instructor in Arizona).

    This is the start, but good driving starts with understanding what is required of you, intimate knowledge of your vehicle (where everything is and how it works), and defensive driving to be safe.


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    Default Re-Break Out Your Manual

    In addition to Bob's execellent safety tips, you might want to simply find the driving manual you should have received when before you took your license test (ie when you took drivers ed). If you don't have a copy of it anymore, you should be able to get one at your local dmv office.

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