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    Hi all

    Our intended trip seems a little tame when compared to the mammoth expeditions being planned by some of you!

    Anyway, we are travelling from the UK to see family in Charleston SC. We are flying into DC and spending 3 days there and then plan to drive to Charleston with 2 overnight stops on the way.

    We are going to drive back to DC too so we thought we could cover both the coastal route and the country route.

    We need advice on places to stop and overnight on both routes- quite happy to self cater.

    Also quite aware that we won't get much time for stopping and site seeing so scenic routes probably better option but we are open to all ideas!

    Thanks in advance

    Wez's Gal

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Not all the trips discussed here are mammoth. In fact nearly your exact trip has come up before. Have a look at that for a general discussion of such a RoadTrip, and then feel free to ask specific questions. But three days each way is quite ample to make a relaxed, scenic and enjoyable drive of it.


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    Default This is a great trip

    I lived just outside D.C. for 6 months and I recommend taking a tour of the Capitol building when you are there. You may have to wait in line a bit but it is worth it. My sister is a tour guide there and I have gotten the chance to do the tour many of times, and I have learned new things, or seen different passageways each time. Also the national archives, and just taking a walking tour of the mall and the war memorials. The Holocaust museum is very good, but it isn't free, and expect to be sobbing by the time you get to the exit.
    This trip is beautiful down the coast, but I have to say you won't see much driving the inland route, unless you plan to stop at the major cities like Charlotte, Raleigh, and Richmond. One good stop would be Williamsburg, VA and Busch Gardens. Colonial Williamsburg has a lot of history, and also some great restaurants. Busch gardens is run by the Anheuser-Busch company and it is more of an adult themed amusement park. There is stuff for kids though. My husband and I did that drive last year in March, and then again in June (stopping at Busch Gardens and in Williamsburg the second trip). I hope you and your family have a blast!

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