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  1. Default Vancouver to New York any ideas!!!

    Happy New Year!!!

    My Boyfriend and I are wanting to plan a road trip to visit friends in New York, and thought it would be great to see some of America and Canada on the way! I am from Australia and really havn't been many places in North America. We don't want to take any longer then 2 weeks to get there and are on a tightish budget!!

    Has anyone done this trip before? Any suggestions? Anything would help!! We are looking at heading off in July and renting the car!

    Thankyou for any help!!!

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Two weeks is actually plenty of time to get from Vancouver to New York, and to see lots of sights without feeling rushed. The most direct route is just to drop down immediately to Seattle and then just take I-90 and/or I-94 to Chicago and then I-80 to New York. But in your case I think you'd be much better served to use your ample time to do something different, specifically see more of Canada and the Great Lakes. To do this you'd head out of Vancouver eastbound on the Trans-Canada highway and see some of the great Canadian Rockies National Park including Glacier, Yoho, Banff, and possibly even Jasper, before heading south on the east side of the Rockies towards Great Falls, MT and a possible side trip to the United States' Glacier National Park. For a trek that might remind you a bit of the outback, head across Montana on MT-200 through the badlands (start with a full tank of gas!). Once you reach eastern Montana, you can hop on I-94 for a while to Fargo, ND where you can get off and take US-10, MN-210 and US-2 through the 10,000 lakes of Minnesota and across Wisconsin the Upper Peninsula of Michigan along the southern shore of Lake Superior. Cross back into Canada at Saulte Ste. Marie and get back on the Trans-Canada and head along the northern shore of Lake Huron and down the Ottawa River to Canada's Capitol and then on to a unique slice of North America, Montréal and French Canada. Your final leg, then could be a jaunt down through New England and into New York. And all of that is 'only' 300 miles (10%) longer than the most direct route.

    The one thing you will need to be careful of is the car rental. Be sure to work out with the rental company the legalities of taking the car back and forth between Canada and the U.S. and make sure that when you pick it up you have some form of documentation from the company specifically stating that you are allowed to do this.


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    Default one way?

    Are you planning to use all 2 weeks for the trip to NY, or did you need to fit in a return trip during that time?

    I think Buck's route suggestion would be ideal for a two week one way trip, although there may be a problem with renting a car. It can be tough to find a rental car agency that will allow you to rent in Canada and drop off the car in the US. You might have to head down to Seattle first to rent the car, but as long as neither of you are Canadians, you should still be able to do the trip that Buck laid out. (Canadians laws prohibit Canadian residents from driving a US rental car in Canada)

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    Thankyou for all that information!!!

    My boyfriend is Canadian so it sounds as though the car rental thing is the biggest issue, is it easier for us then to rent the car in Canada and drop it off in Toronto and then take some other form of transport to New York? 2 weeks for the one way trip too!

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    Default Not Necessarily

    Quote Originally Posted by toriana

    (I)s it easier for us then to rent the car in Canada and drop it off in Toronto and then take some other form of transport to New York?
    Note that Michael said that a Canadian citizen cannot legally drive a U.S. rental car in Canada. I know of no such prohibition against a Canadian (or an Australian) driving a Canadian rental car in the U.S. or Canada. So if you rent your car in Vancouver, you should be fine to drive in both countries. Again, you will need to have the proper paperwork from the rental company, and you may need to show proof of insurance when crossing the border, but I don't think this is a show stopper. You may want to have your boyfriend check with the local authorities in Vancouver where they should be quite versed on this with all the ferry traffic back and forth to the U.S. Also check with your and his insurance underwriters to see if you are covered when renting and driving internationally and if they will issue you a statement on company letterhead to that effect. Finally, be sure to be quite explicit with the rental company when arranging for the car.


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