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    Hello Everyone!

    I am new to the forum, but so far it has been extremely helpful.

    Anyways, me and 4 other 18 year old friends are looking to go on a road trip this summer for two weeks.
    We all live in the heart of Illinois, and we can't decide whether to go North, South, East or West. By this I mean, we don't know if we would rather tour the East Coast, tour towards the West of Illinois, travel to Canada, or travel to Mexico.

    Also our budget is slim and we are looking into camping and staying at hostels, along with packing a cooler. Hopefully our biggest expense will be gas.

    Does anyone have any recommendations or pointers, etc?


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    Default Many, Many Choices

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    There are lots of options, of course, but I would think that the direction that gives you the most variety for the least miles (and gas) is east and south. If you start out east, you could visit the historic big cities of the mid-Atlantic coast including Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington and Richmond. The you'd be in shape to head south along some of the most pristine coastline on offer down the Outer Banks of North Carolina as well as the more honky-tonk Grand Strand of South Carolina. From there head inland through the deep South of Georgia to get to the southern end of the Appalachian which you could then follow northward through Great Smoky and Shenandoah National Parks and then west through Kentucky to Mammoth Cave before heading home. As far as travelling on a budget, be sure to read this article for some useful tips.


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    Default Camping and hotels cheaper than hostels

    Just an FYI. Hostels charge per person. I think it's usually about $20, give or take a few bucks. It's not unusual to find discount hotels like Motel 6, Days Inn, and Super 8 for about $50 a night. So staying in them would be cheaper than hostels.

    Camping is always going to be your cheapest option, not counting sleeping in your car that is. Campground fees are usually about $15-25 depending on location/amenities.

    Of course, staying in a hostel could be a great experience and expose you to some interesting fellow travelers so you might want to do it at least once just to get the experience.

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