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  1. Default Family RV trip San Francisco to LA

    This website is a fantastic resource and we have got lots of ideas from various postings. Just wondering if anyone has any ideas for our first road trip to the USA.

    We are travelling from Ireland on March 8 and spending three nights in San Francisco. We then pick up a rental RV (first time..) and have 17 days to end up in Los Angeles and fly home from there. Kids are 5 and 8 (turning 9 on the trip, party ideas?). I am a photographer and would love to see Bryce Canyon NP in particular but we have no fixed plans at this stage, other than ending up in Disneyland for the last couple of days. I guess we would like to limit driving to 3-4 hours/day and would rather spend a decent time in a few nice places rather than try and dash around to see everything on one trip. The southwest will still be there next year right??

    Thanks for your replies.


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    The southwest will still be there next year right??
    I would definately hope so - I can't wait to get back myself! Welcome to the RoadTrip America forums!

    We have hundreds of threads on this very subject already and, rather than rush a reply with a half dozen suggestions, I would suggest you take some time and have a good old search through the forum and see what you like the sound of. We'll be pleased to help with advice relating to your specific itinerary when you have a rough idea of route plotted.

  3. Default Birthday at Disneyland?

    If you're going to be heading for Disneyland area, you might consider having a birthday celebration at Disneyland, or Disneyland California Adventure. It looks like there are several options available... or here

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    Default New to RVs

    If you're new to driving an RV, you might want to check out some of these helpful articles:

    How to Rent an RV
    Operating Your Rental RV Safetly
    Boondocking Etiquette - you may not decide to do this but it's good to know about in case you find yourself needing to for some reason
    Big Cities in an RV - since you might be driving in these areas with your RV, you might appreciate these tips
    How to Find an RV Campsite

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    Default One of the most popular requests

    The route you're planning has more requests for info than any other. It's very popular. I suggest you do a search through the forums here.

    In short, you can easily do a loop that includes Bryce Canyon driving 3-4 hours daily. You could even add a few stops. After San Francisco, you might consider visiting Yosemite NP (national park) - Death Valley NP, Las Vegas, Zion NP, Bryce NP, Grand Canyon NP, and then heading back to Los Angeles. This is roughly 1800 miles. If you limited your driving to about 200 miles a day, which should meet your 3-4 hour goal, you would only need to be traveling about 9 days of your trip, leaving plenty of time to still enjoy stops along the way and giving you several days in LA before going home.

    You might enjoy the various discussions you'll find in this post by AZBuck. Click on the links and you'll get a wealth of information.
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