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    Hi all, I am a student studying at OU in Norman, Oklahoma. During the spring vacation (March 15-23) I will have family visiting from England and am thinking about roadtripping from Norman, just south of OKC, to Yellowstone. I have been route planning and have decided the best route would involve taking the I-35 north to Salina, Kansas, then the I-70 west to Denver. From there, I would take the I-25 north to Cheyenne, then the I-80 to Rock Springs and finally use the highways to reach West Yellowstone, having made three overnight stops on the way. I could really use your help and advice on a number things:

    Do you think the trip is realistic and is this the most sensible route to take?

    Would this trip be possible by car at this time of year (with possible snow over high altitude roads)?

    What is there to see nearby on the stretch of the journey through Colorado?

    Is there much choice of accommodation at West Yellowstone in March, and would it be advisable to book soon?

    I understand the Grand Loop Road in the park will be closed to wheeled vehicles. Will all the attractions in the park still be accessible from West Yellowstone, ie are there many ways to get around form here? Are these expensive? Can the Grand Teton National Park also be accessed?

    Is there much wildlife to be seen at this time of year?

    Thanks for your help!

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    Your route and timing look quite reasonable, with a little bit of built in cushion in case you should run into inclement weather. In Colorado, I'd suggest that you take a small detour west through Boulder to Estes Park and see Rocky Mountain National Park. There should be plenty of lodging available in West Yellowstone in March as they are equipped to handle the crowds of summer - you should have no troubles at all booking early. Unfortunately, many of the roads in Yellowstone are closed for the entire winter and will not open until mid-April at the earliest. The best advice I can give you is to check the park's website for general dates, and then call the visitor's center before departure to see which roads will actually be available to you. Very little of the wildlife in Yellowstone hibernates, and much of it actually comes down to enjoy the park in the absence of tourists. My most rewarding visits to the park in this regard have been in the late fall and early spring. You won't be able to get everywhere in the park short of renting some snowmobiles (probably available in West Yellowstone) but this trip should be fun, nonetheless.


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    I would recommend not staying in West Yellowstone, but instead enter the park from the North at Gardiner, MT. Check out Chico Hot Springs for a great place to stay right outside of the park, great food, inexpensive lodging, and GREAT outdoor clean hotsprings that you can use year round. From the Gardiner entrance, you could still see Mammoth Hot Springs, take a dip in the Boiling River, and drive through the Lamar Valley to Cooke City. If the weather is bad, you could always do some skiing at Bridger Bowl or spend a day hanging out in Bozeman & Livingston.

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