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    I am in the military and will be driving to Norfolk VA from San diego Ca in less than 10 days with my wife. Time is not really a concern for us, but safety and fun most definetly is. Are there any recommended stops along the way, or maybe routes that would be prefered. Ooh and will I need chains for my tires? Anything that will make our trip safe, fun and comfortable is welcomed.

    thank you

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    There are two routes that are very similar in distance and travel time.

    One option would be to take I-8 and I-10 into Texas, and then work up through Dallas, Memphis, and Nashville, and then I-81 up to Virginia.

    The other would be to take I-15 and then use I-40 all the way east to I-81.

    Both routes have a lot of things to check out, with the biggest difference being in the west. The north route goes near the grand canyon and along the path of old route 66. The southern option takes you through the deserts of southern arizona, and Dallas among other things.

    Having chains is never a bad idea, but I think you would be better off focusing on which route looks like it will have better weather when you will be on the road.

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    I took a similar trip once from Chicago to Phoenix. I got stuck in the Texas panhandle on the I-40. FYI Texans do not understand the concept of salt on the roads to prevent freezing on the highway. Be careful! My trip was during the end of Oct.

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