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    My family and I are taking a trip to NYC..We're going via Chicago and we want to pack in as many sights as possible..We're also going to try to drive up through New England if there's time..My kids want to go to as many states as possible...Any suggestions on sightseeing on a time budget?

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    May I suggest giving the length of time you plan for the travel if your on a time budget.
    Nobody else seems on right now so it will be helpful to who can help you.

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    Obviously, 'as many sights as possible' and 'as many states as possible' are in direct conflict with being 'on a time budget'. But there are things you can do. The most direct route from Denver to New York is just I-76/I-80 which does go through Chicago, as well as 8 states, not counting Colorado. Some stops worth making along that route are a few of the landmarks on the old Oregon Trail as you follow the Platte River in Nebraska, the Amana Colonies in Iowa, Indiana Dunes at the southern end of Lake Michigan, a short drive north (about a mile or so) from exit 107 on the Indiana Toll Road to Sturgis, MI to get an 'extra' state, Cuyahoga Valley National Park outside Cleveland and the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area.

    If you can spare two or three days while you're in New York, you can do a very nice little loop trip around New England, seeing all 6 states there. For some ideas on what to see, read through these threads.

    Now, presuming you're returning to Denver, if you go by an entirely different route that's not all that much longer, you can take your kids to a whole other set of states. Take I-95 down through Philadelphia and Washington and then head west on I-66 and south on I-81 through Virginia, turn west on I-64 through West Virginia and Kentucky and on to St. Louis. I-70 will then complete your journey home through Missouri and Kansas.

    I suspect you won't have time for all of that, but at least you'll know what's available to you.



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