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  1. Default Going to Vegas only to leave Vegas

    I'm flying to Vegas for a bachelor party the week of 01/13. I plan on arriving on the evening of 01/15 and staying a night in Vegas and then head out first thing Wednesday morning. I plan on being back in Vegas Thursday evening around 10pm.

    I want to see open spaces, mountains, deserts and photograph them. Here is my plan so far:

    1. Tuesday night - Drive up to Valley of Fire State Park and take some evening long-exposure shots.
    2. Wednesday morning - Drive towards Death Valley and spend the whole day checking out the park. Finding somewhere in the area to sleep at the end of the night. What lodging options are available there? Do you recommend just sleeping in the car at a campsite?
    3. Thursday morning - I have no idea what to do on this day. Explore Death Valley some more?

    My alternate plan takes me in the NW direction towards Utah.
    1. Tuesday night - Drive up to Valley of Fire State Park and take some evening long-exposure shots.
    2. Wednesday morning - Drive towards Zion National Park on I-15. Explore the park a little bit since I've been there already before. I don't want to hike much because I'm afraid of the trail conditions in the winter. After a few hours at Zion, start driving towards Bryce Canyon and find some place to stay the night along the way.
    3. Thursday morning - Explore Bryce Canyon and then start driving back to Vegas to make it back in time by 10pm.

    What do you guys think of the two plans? Am I allocating enough time at each stop?


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    Default Both look good

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I think both of your plans look pretty good, and I don't think you would get bored with Death Valley if you spend two whole days there.

    The Furnace Creek Ranch and/or Inn would be two great options for lodging inside Death Valley National Park, but you've got a few options. Here's what the National Parks service has to say about finding a place to sleep.

    Your alternate plan is also fine, although if it were me, I would head to Bryce before Zion, that way you are working back towards Vegas on the day of your return flight home.

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    I'm renting a Toyota Prius for this trip. Hopefully, the car wouldn't be hinder of getting to ideal locale for photography.

    I think my time is really tight for either option. Does anyone know how Bryce Canyon is in the Winter time? I'm guessing that it'll be more difficult to move around(both in car and on foot) over there than Death Valley?

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