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  1. Default San Francisco and west coast in november

    Hello, does anyone know if November is still a good month to travel from San Francisco to L.A. and see the west coast and the national parks? I'm guessing that's off season but I have no idea what that means in terms of tourism.
    Thank you!

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    Default Often quite nice

    Weather wise, November is a great time to travel along
    the coast. I think between September and
    November often presents the best weather, though
    rain is also a possibility. November of 2007
    was dry and beautiful.

    Driving the Wednesday and Sunday of the Thanksgiving
    weekend can be pretty bad, especially the Sunday.
    I don't recommend driving on that Sunday unless you get
    a very early start.

    If you drive to Yosemite or Sequoia, there is the possibility
    of snow.
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