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    My wife and I are planning to drive down the California coast from San Francisco to San Diego and then to Las Vegas from there. We are planning on doing this in 15 nights. We want to stop for 2-3 nights in San Francisco, LA, Las Vegas. Is this feasible? We plan to travel in mid September. Does anyone have any tips? Also, do you think we would have time to drive to Lake Tahoe from San Francisco first and then back again as we would really like to see it.

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Your trip is certainly possible, and undoubtedly the most popular trip on the forum! Lake Tahoe is within the range of options, although if you are spending 2-3 days in each of the places you've already listed, you might start running out of time.

    This thread has links to some of our favorite thread about traveling in this area. You can also find more ideas at the bottom of this page, or by using the search feature.

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