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  1. Default Branson, MO to L.A. this weekend. Looks like snow.

    I'm helping my daugher move from Branson, Mo to Orange County, CA. I'm driving a small U-haul truck and my two daughters (in their 20s & not much winter driving experience) are driving a front wheel drive car. We leave early Saturday morning. My original plans were to get to Tulsa & I-44, down to OK City and take I-40 all the way to I-15 and L.A. and using 3 days to drive the 1635 miles (with stops in Tucucari, NM and Williams, AZ.

    But, as I watch the weather forecast for Sat, Sun & Mon, it looks like we could hit the tail end of 3-4 days worth of snow west of Albuquerque. I have never drove to the west coast and don't have chains, & only driven a u-haul once (I swore 26 years ago, never again, but....). I will continue to monitor the weather but am currently researching the best way to angle down to I-10. I-70 looks like they will get a lot of snow; so I'm going to stay south. AND I have a plane reservation on Thursday, Jan 10 for our return, that I don't wish to miss.

    The 3 alternate routes that I am looking at are:

    #1 - I-40 to Amarillo, I-27 to US 60 & US 70 to Las Cruces, NM (via Clovis, Roswell, & Alamogordo. I-10 & I-8 to Yuma & CA 86 to I-10 & I-15 into LA area. This looks to be about 1750 miles...compared to the original 1635.

    #2 - I-40 to Santa Rosa, NM; US 54 to Alamogordo; US 70 to Las Cruces, NM; and I-10 / I-8 / CA 86 / I-10 / I-15 to Orange County, CA - I haven't checked mileage yet.

    #3 - I-40 to Albuquerque; I-25 to Hatch, NM; NM-26 to Deming (bypassing Las Cruces) & I-10; I-10 / I-8 / CA 86 / I-10 / I-15 into Orange County - still checking mileage.

    Does anyone have recent experience with any of these routes angleing across New Mexico. I don't think they are predicting cold enough temps for ice or snow on I-10, just rain. And the I-40 thru AZ has temps reaching the upper 40'sF each day, but snow in the forecast from Fri-Mon, with Friday having a 70% chance of snow & Sat, Sun, & Mon showing 40% chance of snow SHOWERS.

    I read where Ice is a problem on I-40, but how quickly do they remove the snow in the higher elevations? Any suggestions?
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    Default I'd take the I

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    All 3 alternate routs are viable options, but I would probably take the I-25 option considering the circumstances. The shortest route via Rosewell is only 60 miles or so shorter than going to Albq, so I think you'd make that time up at the higher speeds of the freeway.

    Staying on I-40 longer would also give you a little better weather info to find out how bad the conditions are ahead and if you still need to take a detour.

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    Thanks for the good suggestion Michael. Staying on I-40 to Albuquerque is the way I leaning now. I prefer staying on the Interstate as long as possible to save time.

    I will not have access to a computer on the road. Any good suggestions for monitoring weather conditions up ahead while driving across NM? I quess I could check with truck drivers at rest areas.

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    Default many options

    Truck stops will usually have some weather info available, and at the very least, you could probably find some people who were going the opposite direction to talk to.

    There are also the telephone based road condition numbers.

    And of course, the AM/FM radio stations will also typically provide a weather report about once every 30 minutes.

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    I agree with Michael, take I-25/ NM 26 if you decide to detour south. There’s a construction zone on US 54 south of Vaughn, NM where the roadway is really rough and narrow – no shoulder. I wouldn’t take a U-Haul through there right now.

    The number for the New Mexico Road Advisory Hotline is 1-800-432-4269, and the New Mexico DOT website has a map showing road conditions. The weather forecasts I’ve seen are predicting snow and rain across NM/AZ, but they’re not saying how much yet. By Friday they should have a better idea of what this storm is really going to do.

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    Default Can you leave earlier?

    Even getting 5-6 hours under your belt Friday night, instead of waiting until Saturday morning, could make a difference in your arrival time. And relieve some of your stress if you should hit bad weather.

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